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About NYYMclick here.

Officers of the Yearly Meetingclick here.

Trustees of the Yearly Meetingclick here.

Links to often-visited resources

Resources for Meetings—Useful links for meeting clerks, treasurers, recorders, and committees.

ARCH— Aging Resources, Consultation, and Help offers meetings and individuals support around aging and disability concerns.

Publications—Access to all the Yearly Meeting's publications. See below for individual links.

Resources—Quaker resources on a wide range of Quaker subjects.

Yearly Meeting minutes—plus epistles, reports, and other documents.

Committees—View web pages for the Yearly Meeting's committees.

NYYM Sessions dates—Spring, Fall, and Summer Sessions dates and locations through 2018.

NYYM Finances—NYYM budget, treasurer's reports, and other financial information (requires login).


NYYM Forums—Comment on Spark articles and join other conversations in the Yearly Meeting on various topics.

Reports—Reports to the gathered body of the Yearly Meeting. (This page is still under development.)

Minutes of travel and service—Minutes for ministries endorsed by the gathered body of the Yearly Meeting.

Leadings & Priorities—A portal to the work stemming from the Leadings and Priorities approved Summer Sessions 2014.


NYYM Sessions and wider Quaker calendar

Old NYYM website—View the Yearly Meeting's previous website.