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Independent Productions

Conflict in Quaker Meetings: Crisis or Opportunity?—a film of the workshop offered by NYYM's Conflict Transformation Committee.

The Syrian Refugee Crisis—A Documentary, by Powell House youth, December 23, 2015.

Open for transformation: being Quaker, by Ben Pink Dandelion; The 2014 Swarthmore Lecture, Britain Yearly Meeting

Statement of Conscience on Torture of New York Yearly Meeting—by Chad Dell

The Future of Quakerism: The Image of Fish—by Callid Keefe-Perry

Second Flushing Remonstrance: 2013 Signing Event—by NYInterfaith; about a redecation to religious freedom based on the first such declaration in American history

The Quaker Way—Baltimore Yearly Meeting's introduction to Quakerism

The Quaker Way: Junior Young Friends—Baltimore Yearly Meeting's youth speak on Quakerism

The Quaker View of Christianity—by Tim Sauder, a Mennonite

Quaker Beliefs—an interview of two Friends on Vermont Today, a TV program

A Brief History of Quakers—According to the Young Friends of Richmond Meeting

Jan De Hartog's The History of Quakerism—Excerpts from the unfinished English version of Jan De Hartog's documentary series on Quakerism. The full series exists only in Dutch, which was aired on Denmark television in the '70's.

Max Carter: The Quakers Explained—Quaker Religion professor Max Carter of Guilford College discusses the Quakers (documentary interview format) the diggers, levelers and other movements

Quakers Living Adventurously—A lecture on the persecutions of Quakers in the 17th century, by David Blake of the Library and Archives of the Society of Friends (UK)

Quakers and Nakedness: Maggie Harrison & Jon Watts Interview—Jon and Maggie talk about their joint multi-media project, "Clothe Yourself in Righteousness"... an exploration of "going naked as a sign" amongst Early Friends and the implications for Quakers today.

Being a Quaker in Today's World—A Patheos interview with Laura Mancuso at the Parliament of World Religions in Melbourne, Australia.

Series Producers & Playlists

QuakerSpeak—dozens of videos on many aspects of Quakerism.

QuakerQuest—videos introducing Quakerism produced by QuakerQuest, a progam for helping meetings reach out to newcomers.

QREC Videos—videos produced by Quaker Religious Education Collaborative on spiritual nurture of children and families.

The Jewels of Quakerism—videos introducing Quakerism produced by Callid Keefe-Perry.

Mineapolis Friends Meeting—members of Minneapolis Meeting speak about their faith.

Quakers and Friends—A YouTube playlist of videos produced by Martin Kelley, currently Editor of Friends Journal and of

Claire Simon—three videos produced by Friend Claire Simon of Montclair Meeting, New Jersey

The Watford Quaker Videos—videos published by Watford Meeting in the UK and produced by Just Film

Quaker History: The Bridge Film Festival. A YouTube playlist of lectures on various aspects of Quaker history in America

Popular Quakers and George Fox videos—An automatically-generated YouTube video channel, #Quaker, comprising 32 videos on aspects of Quaker history

Dame Judy Dench: I'm a Quaker and a Peacenik—Interview on Channel 4 News

Quaker Beliefs—Featuring the pupils of Bootham School, York, England

Equality: Is it really what we think it is?—George Gorman lecture, Britain Yearly Meeting 2014

The Separation Forced Upon Us: Philadelphia's Free Quakers and the Culture of Revolution—A production of the Library of Congress about the Free Quakers who supported the War for Independence and were disowned

An introduction to Quakers—Friends at Watford Quaker Meeting in Great Britain explain why Quaker silent worship is important to them.

George Fox's Book of Miracles—A lecture on the long-suppressed record of miracles performed by Quakerism's prophetic founder George Fox by Michele Lise Tarter, given to Haddonfield Friends Meeting on September 16, 2012.