Spring Sessions 2018

Hosted by New York Quarter
Friday, April 6, 2018 - 6:00pm to Sunday, April 8, 2018 - 12:00pm
New York Quarter New York , NY

Welcome to Spring Sessions 2018!

New York Quarterly Meeting welcomes everyone to NYYM’s Spring Sessions, April 6-8, where we will discern the Yearly Meeting's business and expand the life and witness of our Society. We encourage Friends to come and share the worship and fellowship of the gathered Yearly Meeting, to bring your meeting's concerns to the Yearly Meeting's attention, and report back the decisions of the sessions. Programs will be available for our all our children, including a Youth Program for our teens. We will begin on Friday with Coffee & Community starting at 7:00 p.m. at the Brooklyn Friends School, 375 Pearl St, Brooklyn, NY 11201 (location to be confirmed). The Saturday and Sunday events will also be held at Brooklyn Friends School.


Spring Sessions registration is now open:

  • To register online using a credit or debit card: Click here.
  • To register online and pay by cash or check, or to request assistance from the Equalization Fund: Click here.

For questions, please email the registrar, Helen Garay Toppins, at office@NYYM.org, or call 212-673-5750.


The NYQM Host Task Group looks forward to meeting you!


Children’s and Youth Programming at Spring Sessions!


Youth Program, Grades 7-12: We will not have a residential program this time around, so please do request hospitality for your teens, but we will still have an amazing time exploring Brooklyn – the Brooklyn Bridge Park and Promenade, the Brooklyn Museum, and of course, Brooklyn Friends School. In addition, we’ll take part in the ARCH Scavenger Hunt, and be Whisper Buddies during one of the Meetings for Business.


Children’s Program, Grades 1-6: This group will have an on-site program, exploring Brooklyn Friends School, discussing NYYM agenda topics, plus play and art projects.


Infants through kindergarten: Childcare will be provided on Saturday and Sunday with advance registration.


Medical Form: A medical form must be completed for all children and youth attending sessions in addition to the registration. Click here to download the form.


NYYM Committee Clerks: Please register by Monday, March 26th, and remind your members to do so as well. Committees may meet on Saturday from 1:30-3:00 p.m. and 3:10-4:45 p.m. To request a committee meeting room assignment or display space, contact Melanie-Claire Mallison, MsMellie@gmail.com. Please cc: all meeting space and display requests to office@nyym.org, so that our registrar is kept informed.


Clerks of Monthly Meetings: Please be sure to forward any NYYM Spring Sessions email announcements to your Meeting’s email list to encourage your members and attenders to participate. Keep in mind that those who feel led to attend may require Meeting assistance, both financial and physical.


Parents:We hope you will come and bring your children. Please read the information online about the Children’s and Youth Programs, so that you can see that plans are in place to care for your children, whatever their ages. Contact the Youth Program Coordinator, Melanie-Claire Mallison (607-280-8182, MsMellie@gmail.com), with any questions or needs that you foresee. Please register promptly, so that we know how many children and youth will be attending. Note that a filled-in and signed Medical Information Form is required for each child. For the younger children, please plan to bring your child’s favorite snacks, a few toys, and a change of clothing. Finally, we always welcome Friendly Adult Presences (FAPs)! Again, contact the Youth Program Coordinator to volunteer.


Everyone! Below are details about the registration procedures, meals, fees, and lodging. PLEASE NOTE that this year, we are asking for a “Suggested Registration Fee” in an effort to make Spring Sessions even more affordable. Those who can pay more than the suggested amount are encouraged to do so, to help offset those who cannot. Please do not let money stand between you and attending Spring Sessions! Pay what you can for registration and request Equalization Funds for what you cannot pay. We need your presence to be complete.


Sustainability: We ask participants to consider their environmental impact when attending any NYYM gathering. Carpool with other attendees from your area, for instance, using the most fuel-efficient vehicle of the group. Bring a travel mug and water bottle with you – some even bring their own utensils and plates! Bring a warm sweater, so that we don’t have to turn up the heat in the entire building for the comfort of two or three people. Instead of printing out the advance documents, save them to your computer or tech device and read them electronically. If you do print them out, be sure to share! Return your nametag holder when you last leave the venue, so they can be used again. Whatever ways you can think of to lower your carbon footprint, to reduce and reuse, will be greatly appreciated.


Hospitality:Hospitality is available with local Friends for Friday and/or Saturday nights by request on a first-to-ask, first-assigned basis. Arrangements must be made in advance. Indicate your needs on the registration form and please register as early as possible. You must register by Monday, March 26th, at the latest in order to reserve overnight hospitality, meals, and or childcare. We will also provide a short list of recommended hotels and motels.


Again, we look forward to welcoming you to the 2018 NYYM Spring Sessions!



NYYM Spring Sessions
Friday-Sunday, April 6-8, 2018
Brooklyn Friends School
375 Pearl St, Brooklyn, NY 11201


Registration Deadline, Wednesday, March 28th

NYQM 2018 Host Task Group – Zachary Edminster, Hugo Lane, Melanie-Claire Mallison, Melissa Minnich, Benjamin Warnke
Host Task Group Clerk – Melanie-Claire Mallison, MsMellie@gmail.com, cell 607-280-8182
Audio-Visual – Brooklyn Friends School will provide AV support
Children’s and Youth Programs Coordinator – Melanie-Claire Mallison
Committee Meeting Space & Display Space Requests – Benjamin Warnke, bwarnke@alembiccommunity.com
Food Coordinator – Melanie-Claire, working with BFS
Friday Night Coffee & Community Coordinators – Melissa, and Benjamin (bwarnke@alembiccommunity.com)
Hospitality Coordinator & Registrar – Helen Garay Toppins, office@nyym.org, 212-673-5750
Transportation Coordinator – Melissa Minnich, mjminnich@gmail.com
Volunteer Coordinator – TBD