Spring and Fall Sessions Manual

See the guide for regional meetings hosting these sessions.

About the NYYM Handbook

This online version of the New York Yearly Meeting Handbook is the definitive version; it was published in 2013. Most pages in the Handbook include a date that indicates the year in which that page was last updated. We update Handbook pages soon after receiving revisions.

Are you a committee clerk? You can click the following link to download a pdf file of our Guide for Committee Clerks, which pulls together a bunch of resources to make your life easier.

Organization. The Handbook is organized by Yearly Meeting sections, plus a Preface, an initial section at the beginning on organization (Part 1), and a final section of guidelines for various aspects of YM committee service (Part 2). If you are unfamiliar with the contents of Part 2, or are new to Yearly Meeting committee service, or are a Yearly Meeting committee clerk, we urge you to review its topics and take advantage of its resources.

Navigation and the header. You can go to a given page by using the outline dropdown or by paging through a section using the links in the header.

  • Clicking on a heading in the outline with a triangular bullet opens a tree with separate entries for each committee in that section, or, in the case of Part 2, the various topics covered in Part 2.
    • The outline also appears at the top of the first page of each section.
  • Clicking on the left and right links in the header move you backward and forward in the section.
  • Clicking on "up" in the header returns you to the first page of the section, which includes the Handbook page for that section's coordinating committee.

Forms. The links below will download pdf files of the forms used by committees for Witness committee budget requests and for expenses reimbursement. Note that you must log in to the website to access the vouchers. The login panel is at the bottom of the column on the right of all NYYM website pages.


  • Forms for Witness committee budget requests (Draft)
  • Vouchers for reimbursement