Monthly Meeting Partners Project

A program focused on children, families, young adults, and your meeting

A program focused on children, families, young adults, and your meeting

An Invitation

New York Yearly Meeting invites your meeting to consider participating in the Monthly Meeting Partner Project. The heart of the project is intensive work with six monthly meetings or worship groups over the next three years that seeks new ways to best support the spiritual lives of children and youth and nurture multigenerational community life and worship. The Children and Youth Field Secretary (CYFS) and other yearly meeting staff will work closely with the partner meetings, who will commit time, energy and resources.

Download a letter of invitation.

How to apply

Download the application questions.

Meetings apply to be Project Partners by submitting their answers to questions for discernment in the document linked above. The General Secretary and CYFS will discern the initial sites for the Partner Project.

About the program

NYYM staff will provide outreach materials for Partner Project meetings, and the CYFS will work closely with the community to create a welcoming climate for young families. We’ll explore possibilities not just for children and youth religious education programming, but also all-ages worship and religious education, and how to prepare a place for children and families in the meeting community in terms of both scheduling and space.

Partner meetings will be asked to commit considerable time and energy—and also to be open to change. The Project will look different in each partner meeting, speaking to the condition of each community, seeking ways to improve its outreach and inclusiveness and deepen its experience of multigenerational community. We seek to work with all kinds of meetings—large, small, urban, rural, unprogrammed, and pastoral.

Questions? Contact Melinda Wenner Bradley, our Children and Youth Field Secretary, for more information.

The wider context

The project will also conduct surveys in both the partner meetings and the yearly meeting as a wider body, plus focus groups conducted by NYYM staff and volunteers to open conversations about our current experience and to envision our future. At the end of the three-year project, New York Yearly Meeting and NEYM will analyze and publish a report that will be made widely available to the Quaker community on the web.


Along with New England Yearly Meeting, NYYM has received a substantial grant from the Shoemaker Fund to help us collaborate with partner meetings.