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Summer Sessions 2014

Joyce Schroeder, our plenary speakerJoyce Schroeder, our plenary speaker

Pathway to Change—A Message from Joyce Schroeder

Plenary Speaker, 7:30 pm, the Auditorium

Joyce Schroeder (Purchase Meeting), our plenary speaker, will talk about the “Pathway to Change.” Joyce has a Masters Degree in Organizational Development with a focus on leadership. She has been working in this field for the past 15 years helping industrial organizations transform their culture to create safer workplaces. A frequent guest speaker, she has been following her leading to share her knowledge of organizational change and leadership with Friends. In 2012 she gave the keynote at the Earlham School of Religion Leadership Conference and she participated in Winter Song at Powell House in December, 2013. Friend Joyce will share her insights about what is required for an organization to create a movement.
    We will welcome Joyce with a reception in Gullen Lounge after her presentation.

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