Fall Sessions 2017

Friday, November 10, 2017 - 7:00pm to Sunday, November 12, 2017 - 12:00pm
Chatham-Summit Friends Meeting House - Friday dinner and evening event
158 Southern Blvd.
07928 Chatham , NJ
Caldwell University - Saturday and Sunday meetings, child and youth programs, and meals
120 Bloomfield Ave.
Caldwell , NJ


Fall Sessions 2017

November 10 – 12

Chatham-Summit Friends Meeting House
Chatham, NJ

Caldwell University
Caldwell, NJ

Welcome . . .

Late Registration is OPEN
Registration for adults registering after October 30 is $35. The registration deadline for children (under 18) is EXTENDED. There is no late fee for children (under 18)

The 2017 New York Yearly Meeting Fall Sessions is being hosted by All Friends Regional Meeting. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend!

Date: Friday-Sunday, November 10 – 12 2017.

Location: Friday Dinner and Evening Event: Chatham-Summit Friends Meeting House, 158 Southern Blvd., Chatham, NJ 07928.
    All Saturday and Sunday events: Caldwell University, 120 Bloomfield Ave., Caldwell, NJ

Contact: Melanie-Claire Mallison, MsMellie@gmail.com, 607-280-8182

Contact Phone for Children and Youth programs: Sylke Jackson, sylkej@gmail.com, 845-300-9779 and Jim Mandala jmandala@verizon.net, 908-889-0706.


The 2017 New York Yearly Meeting Fall Sessions is being hosted by All Friends Regional Meeting. AFRM is composed of Chatham-Summit, Montclair, Ridgewood, Dover-Randolph, and Rockland Monthly Meetings. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend!

Friday’s dinner and evening event will be held at Chatham-Summit Friends Meetinghouse, and the Saturday and Sunday events will be at Caldwell University. A detailed schedule will be available in the October InfoShare and online by the end of September. The Host Task Group looks forward to meeting you!

We on the Host Task Group (HTG), listed below, want you to feel welcome, whether you are an experienced participant in these Yearly Meeting sessions or are a newcomer to the world of Friends. At the beginning of our weekend, Friday night, we hope to create a deep sense of connectedness. We want you to be comfortable. We wish to anticipate your needs (so be sure to let us know what they are!). We want you to share healthy meals with friends old and new. We want families to feel especially welcome and reassured that their children—from infants through teens—will be well cared for and engaged in a meaningful program. In sum, we want the mechanics of the places and the spaces to go smoothly so that you can experience the aliveness and the Spirit moving through the life and work of New York Yearly Meeting.

HTG members are working hard towards these ends. We would like to engage you in helping make all of this happen. The most important thing you can do in that regard is to make a commitment to coming, and to let us know you’re coming by the registration due date, which is Monday, October 30th. We are Setting the Table for you, and we need to know how many spoons to provide! So please do honor the registration deadline.

Is there an obstacle that keeps you from being able to attend? We encourage you to seek the help of your meeting community or of your committee clerk to smooth the way! Remember that resources are available to help with the cost (NYYM Equalization Fund, for one). Finally, please don’t stay away because you can’t be there for everything. Come for whatever time you have: each person is a part of the whole.

NYYM Committee Clerks: Please register by October 30th, and remind your members to do so as well. Also, please submit your requests for room space for your committee meetings and for your displays by this same due date. If you have a display or handouts, try to arrive early on Saturday to set up. See the note under “Parking” online regarding dropping off materials at the door. Be sure to assign someone to close-up displays and remove extra materials before leaving.

Clerks of Monthly Meetings: Encourage members to attend Fall Sessions, remind them to register by the due date, and be sure to forward any NYYM email announcements to your Meeting’s email list. Those who feel led to attend may require Meeting assistance, both financial and physical.

Parents: We hope you will come and bring your children. Please read the article in the October InfoShare about the Children and Youth Programs, so that you can see that plans are in place to care for your children, whatever their ages. Contact either of the Youth Program coordinators with any questions or needs that you foresee. Please register promptly, so that we know how many children and youth will be attending, and note that a filled-in and signed Medical Information Form is required for each child. Finally, we welcome Friendly Adult Presences (FAPs)! Again, contact the Youth Program coordinators.

Everyone! Below are details about the registration procedures, meals, fees, travel, and lodging. For who-to-call-about-what, we have provided a list of Helpful People and their contact information.

Sustainability: We ask participants to consider their environmental impact when attending any NYYM gathering. Carpool with other local attendees, for instance, using the most fuel-efficient vehicle of the group. Bring a travel mug and water bottle with you – some even bring their own utensils and plates! Bring a warm sweater, so that we don’t have to turn up the heat in the entire building for the comfort of two or three people. Instead of printing out the advance documents, save them to your computer or tech device and read them electronically. If you do print them out, be sure to share! Return your nametag holder when you last leave the venue, so they can be used again. Whatever ways you can think of to lower your carbon footprint, reduce, and reuse, will be greatly appreciated.

Hospitality: Hospitality is available with local Friends for Friday and/or Saturday nights by request on a first-to-ask, first-assigned basis. The Hospitality Coordinator is listed below, along with a link to a list of local hotels and motels.

We look forward to welcoming you to the 2017 NYYM Fall Sessions!

Helpful People and Information

Chatham-Summit Friends Meeting House
Friday dinner and evening event

158 Southern Blvd, Chatham NJ 07928.
Contact: Melanie-Claire Mallison, MsMellie@gmail.com, 607-280-8182

Caldwell University
Saturday and Sunday Events

120 Bloomfield Ave, Caldwell, NJ 07006
973 618-3000, www.caldwell.edu Contact: Melanie-Claire Mallison, MsMellie@gmail.com, 607-280-8182


Host Task Group Co-Clerks – Alice Coulombe and Claire Simon (contact information below)

Audio-Visual Arrangements – Rob Garber, rob.garb@verizon.net, cell 973-420-3943. (Also, Caldwell University is supplying an AV Tech.)

Caldwell University Liaison and Food Coordinator – Melanie-Claire Mallison, MsMellie@gmail.com, cell 607-280-8182

CSMM Meals Coordinator – Jill Nanfeldt, cell 908-405-6313, jillnanfeldt@mac.com

Committee Meeting Space Requests – Claire Simon – quakerartist@verizon.net, home 973-292-0834

Display Space Requests – Hal Haydock, 973-334-2576

Hospitality Coordinator – Rae de la Cretaz, catsingr@aol.com, 973-226-0328.

Hotels – See https://www.caldwell.edu/parents/lodging -- this link gives details on local hotels/motels.

Registrar – Alice Coulombe, aa.lleenn@verizon.net, 845-638-1864. Cell: 845-893-1709.

Transportation Coordinator – Jotham Bailey, jothwade1@gmail.com, home 973-763-4054, cell 973-207-9537.

Friday Night meal and program, CSMM – Jill Nanfeldt – jillnanfeldt@mac.com, home 908-834-8288; emergency cell 908-405-6313

Volunteer Coordinator – Contact: Melanie-Claire Mallison, MsMellie@gmail.com, cell 607-280-8182

Youth Program – Sylke Jackson (sylkej@gmail.com, 845-300-9779) and Jim Mandala (jmandala@verizon.net, 908-889-0706). See the October InfoShare for more information, and check back here for updates as Fall Sessions approaches.



Deadline: the registration deadline is October 30, 2017.
Registration is $35 for adults registering after October 30.

Online Registration Form — paying by credit card: click this link if you wnat to register online and are paying by credit card.

Online Registration Form — paying by check or requesting assistance: click this link if you wnat to register online but plan to pay by check, or are requesting financial assistance fromt he NYYM Equilization Fund.

The online registration form is sufficient to register you; you do not have to send in a downloaded form by email. If you cannot register online for some reason, please contact the Yearly Meeting Office at office@nyym.org, 212-673-5750.

Download the Youth Medical Form—we need a medical form for each youth registered.

To register by email, or by regular mail, fill out the registration form (from Spark or downloaded here) and email it to Helen Garay Toppins at office@nyym.org it to Helen Garay Toppins, NYYM Office, 15 Rutherford Place, New York, NY 10003. Include a check payable to New York Yearly Meeting. The registration deadline is March 17, 2017.

Registration fees are $25 for adults 18 and older prior to October 30, and $35 thereafter. For youth 17 and younger, the fee is $15 whether registered on time or late. However, please note that child care will not be available for children registered after October 30 if there are no other children in their age group who have registered on time.


Youth Program

The Youth registration deadline has been extended!


Friday, November 10: Intergenerational Alternatives to Violence (AVP) mini-session at Chatham-Summit Friends Meeting. Sleepover for kids 7th grade and up. Bring a sleeping bag!

Saturday, November 11 (at Caldwell College): We all will share our points of view and listen and learn from each other using games and activities from the Alternatives to Violence trainings. Young leaders from the Chatham-Summit and Wind of the Spirit AVP camp will help facilitate the group.
Wind of the Spirit is an immigrant led non-profit in the area. Fifty-eight youth (ages 12-18) have taken Basic/Advanced AVP training and 19 have become Apprentice Facilitators through the camp. Working with a few of these young leaders will provide us with an exciting opportunity to partner with people who are affected by the crackdown on immigration.
We can’t learn without laughter, so of course we will play lots of games. There will be music (bring your instruments!) and yoga and maybe some theater. Abby Burford will share some guided meditation with us too (ah, scented eye pillows!). Sleepover for 7th grade and up at Chatham-Summit Meeting.

Sunday, November 12: Evaluations and discussion of what we would like to bring from this weekend into our communities and how we can help each other. Worship with the NYYM community at Caldwell University.
Questions? Contact Youth Program coordinator Sylke Jackson (sylkej@gmail.com). Jim Mandala and Stuart Sydenstricker are also coordinators for the youth program.

Download the flyer: Click here to download the flyer for information about the Youth Program at Fall Sessions 2017

Medical form: We require a completed medical form for each child attending a NYYM session. Download and print the medical form here, or request a paper copy from the registrar. Download the Youth Medical Form.

Advance Documents

Advance Documents will be added here as they are collected. Please check back periodically for the latest Session Documents.