Alternatives to Violence Project Committee

The Alternatives to Violence Project is a grassroots, volunteer program dedicated to reducing violence in our lives, in our homes, in our schools, in our prisons, in our streets and in our society.

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Violence comes in many forms--from put-downs and dismissal of ourselves and others to the taking of human life. Most people are exposed to some form of violence daily. Often we knowingly or unknowingly inflict violence on others. Interpersonal violence represents failed human interaction.

The Alternatives to Violence Project provides a space for us to practice transforming conflict into win-win outcomes. No one loses. Conflict becomes an opportunity for greater understanding, an opportunity to deepen relationship.

AVP offers experiential workshops that take place in prisons, schools and communities. Workshops are typically 23 hours over three days. Community workshops typically begin on a Friday afternoon or evening and run through the weekend.

You can view an AVP video by clicking on the following: When You Hear the Word VIOLENCE.

A Call for Facilitators and Support. 

We need more facilitators to grow AVP in New York State to allow us to reach more communities, schools, and prisons. Please consider taking the three levels of workshops to become an apprentice facilitator. See and contact Shirley Way (see below).

We also need financial support. Please also consider making a financial contribution. AVP New York, PO Box 6851, Ithaca, NY 14851-6851, 800-909-8920 or 315-604-7940, or [email protected] Also, check out our website at

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