Quaker Resources: Community

Print Resources on Community

Print resources available from the FGC Quaker bookstore, quakerbooks.org.

  • Members One of Another: They Dynamics of Membership in Quaker Meeting, Tom Gates; Pendle Hill Pamphlet #371; $6.50.
  • Blessed Community, Marty Walton; $4.
  • Matthew 18, Wisdom for Living in Community, Connie McPeak Green & Marty Paxson Grundy; Pendle Hill Pamphlet #399; $6.50.
  • Gospel Order: A Quaker Understanding of Faithful Church Community, Sandra Cronk; Pendle Hill Pamphlet #297; $6.50.
  • Building the Life of the Meeting, Fran & William Taber; $6.
  • Nonviolence and Community: Reflections on the Alternatives to Violence Project, Newton Garver & Eric Reitan; Pendle Hill Pamphlet #322; $6.50.
  • Seeking the Beloved Community: A History of Canadian Young Friends, 1875–1996, Kyle Joliffe; $12.95.
  • Integrity, Ecology, and Community: The Motion of Love, Jennie Ratcliffe; Pendle Hill Pamphlet # 403; $6.50.
  • The Evolutionary Potential of Quakerism Revisited: Kenneth Boulding & John Bellers, Keith Helmuth; $7.
  • Quaker Nantucket: The Religious Community behind the Whaling Empire, Robert Leach & Peter Gow; $21.95.
  • Build it! A Toolkit for Nurturing Intergenerational Spiritual Community, Youth Ministries Program, FGC; $5 for pdf, $11 paperback.
  • We are Loved Let Us Love: Quakers and the Covenant of Cosmopolitanism, Ben Pink Dandelion; $4.
  • Healing Heart—Communities: Storytelling for Strong and Healthy Communities, Alison Cox & David Albert, eds.; $19.95.
  • Confident Quakerism, Ben Pink Dandelion; $6.50.
  • Living the Way: Quaker Spirituality and Community, Ursula-Jane O'Shea; $12.
  • A House of Prayer for All Peoples: Congregations Building Multiracial Community, Sheryl Kujawa-Holbrook; $19.