Spiritual Life

An introduction to the life of the Spirit in New York Yearly Meeting.


About the Life of the Spirit in New York Yearly Meeting

Friends seek to lead a Spirit-led life, to turn toward the Light within each of us as the foundation for all that we do in our outward lives, and to seek collectively our common Source, the spirit of Christ, in our meetings for worship as the foundation for the meeting's internal governance, fellowship, and presence and action in the world.

Thus we seek to nurture the life of the Spirit in our individual members and in our meetings through religious education and spiritual nurture programs. New York Yearly Meeting is organized into four "sections," one of which is Ministry (the others are General Services, Nurture, and Witness). The Ministry section is comprised of committees devoted to nurturing the spiritual life (see the link below). The yearly meeting has other programs and institutions for spiritual nurture besides its committees, as well. This page is a portal to these opportunities.

Spiritual Nurture in New York Yearly Meeting

  • Tending the Garden—12 experiential workshops and retreats on spiritual nurture offered through the Spiritual Nurture Working Group to individuals and meetings.
  • Individual spiritual formation consultations—opportunities for individuals to find mentors or spiritual companions coordinated by NYYM's Spiritual Nurture Working Group.
  • NYYM Committees devoted to nurturing the spiritual life—see all the committees in the Ministry section.
    • Ministry Coordinating Committee—the committee that coordinates the efforts of the spiirtual nurture and pastoral care committees of the Yearly Meeting.
  • Meetings for Discernment—opportunities for extended open worship in the manner of Friends held during NYYM's annual Summer Sessions in Silver Bay, New York, and during the winter in locations throughout the yearly meeting.
  • Powell House—the Yearly Meeting's conference center periodically offers weekend conferences on spiritual nurture and invites Friends to sojourn for personal renewal when the other uses of the buildings allow.
  • PoHo on the Road—Powell House also sends its retreats to regions around the Yearly Meeting. Workshop topics include First Day School Fundamentals, Community Building Games and Activities, Structuring Committees that Work, and Gatherings for Parents and Kids.
  • The NYYM Prayer List—a monthly email with requests for prayer.

Spiritual Nurture Opportunities Outside New York Yearly Meeting

  • QuakerSpeak.com—a Quaker YouTube channel featureing interviews with Friends of all differenc backgrounds talking about the core questions of our faith.
  • Spiritual Formation Program—Baltimore Yearly Meeting—an introduction to BYM's program; see the menu on the right side of the page this link opens for lots of details.
  • School of the Spirit—a ministry offering programs rooted in the Quaker contemplative tradition and other resources for spiritual nurture.