The Witness Activities Fund

The Witness Activities Fund provides grants to NYYM committees and individual Friends and meetings for witness ministry.

The Witness Activities Fund

Each year, the Witness Coordinating Committee sets aside a portion of the Sharing Fund to use in supporting the leadings of individuals and monthly or regional meetings to work on peace, environmental, and social justice issues. This line in our budget is known as the Witness Activities Fund (WAF).

Applying for support for witness leadings

Download an application form

View detailed guidelines for applying to the Witness Activies Fund.

Grants are given to local meetings. Individuals who apply for support of their leadings are asked to obtain the support of their monthly meetings for their projects. When a local meeting takes an individual's leading under its care, the meeting should invest its attention and other resources in the project. Accordingly, we ask local meetings to apply for grants from the Witness Activities Fund and we write the grant checks to the monthly meeting.

Application form. When applying, please follow the guidelines provided in the NYYM Handbook, accessible from the link above. Click the link above to download a one-page application form to make the process easier and more manageable. Please use this form, but feel free to skip questions that do not seem to apply to the project.

Timeline. In January or early February, WCC distributes a letter to monthly meetings and yearly meeting committees inviting proposals for the current fiscal yeary.

Deadline: March 31. Applications received by the end of March will be considered at Spring Sessions. Any applications received after this deadline will be considered the following year, at Spring Sessions. If there is particular urgency, WCC may consider applications received after the deadline on a case-by-case basis.

Priority. If the funds available for grants are not sufficient to cover all the requests, priority will be given to projects that have not previously been awarded grants.