NYYM Prayer List

A periodically distributed email with a list of Friends and loved ones to pray for.


What is the NYYM Prayer List?

The Prayer List is sent out periodically by email to subscribers offering the names of Friends who have asked to be prayed for, or of loved ones for whom Friends have requested prayer. You can ask for prayers for God’s healing, or for God to strengthen you in faithfulness, courage, discernment, the ability to forgive, or for any need whatever. Friends who get the prayer list will pray for you.

Asking for prayers and offering to pray

To contact the list:

Email the Prayer List Coordinator: nyym.prayerlist[at]gmail.com.

How to make your request

If you want to say what you want prayer for, you can be as specific as you like, and we will print it on the prayer list, like this:

Jane Doe asks prayer for relief from arthritis, for perseverance in prayer, and for deliverance from a spirit of self-glorification.

Or if you’d rather not say what you want prayer for, you may list the person with an asterisk, like this:

Jane Doe*

This will signal the reader not to inquire at all about what you might want prayer for.

We only accept requests for prayer for yourself or for someone you know who consents to being put on the prayer list. Exceptions are made only for your own minor children or for family members who may be comatose, or legally incompetent. But even then—please think! We don’t want anyone hurt or embarrassed to discover that a well-meaning friend has given us their name without obtaining permission. 

We also ask that you refrain from using this list to ask for prayers for collective groups like “the children of Syria,” “the prisoners at Guantánamo,” etc., not because these groups don’t need our prayers, but in order to keep the scope of this prayer list manageable.

Subscribing as a prayer

Contact the Prayer List coordinator also if you want to be one of the Friends who prays for people on the list.

How the Prayer List works

Prayer requests will be posted for three months, unless the requester asks to have the name renewed or pulled. You may unsubscribe from the Prayer List at any time by emailing the Prayer List coordinator. You will always get the prayer list as a blind courtesy copy (bcc). This will protect you from unwanted email from Friends who might write back by hitting “reply all.”