Friends Recorded with Gifts in Ministry

New York Yearly Meeting continues the ancient Quaker practice of recording the gifts in ministry of Friends whose meetings choose to recognize their gifts in this way. This is not an ordination as practiced by other Christian fellowships, which commonly confers ministerial status on the recipient. Rather, the Quaker practice is an outward recognition—a recording—of gifts that the Spirit has already manifested in the life and work of a Friend.




James Atwell Butternuts
Sunday Blackmon Albany
Ruth Ann Bradley Poplar Ridge
Linda Chidsey Housatonic
Maria Crosman Adirondack
Darleen Farley Farmington
Regina Baird Haag Old Chatham
David Herendeen Farmington
Janice Ninan Collins
Roxanna Pinkerton Chappaqua
Frances F. Sokol Butternuts