Barrington Dunbar Fund for Black Development

About Barrington Dunbar Fund for Black Development

The Barrington Dunbar Fund Committee educates Friends on the needs of the Black and Latin American sectors of the community and stimulates Friends' concern and cooperation in responding to the needs of the wider community. It also administers the Black Development Fund as the money is made available to the committee.

Link to the Committee's Handbook page.

Resources for Members and Clerks of NYYM Committees

Guidelines for Committee Service—Relevant sections from the yearly meeting Handbook on committe membership and committee clerking.

Guide for Committee Clerks—A resource packet designed to make clerking a NYYM committee easier.

Coordinating Committee Timeline—A guide to the year's tasks for coorcinating committee clerks.

Accountability Queries—Queries for use by committees and the coordinating committees for considering the spiritual state of the yearly meeting's committees.

Documents & Resources