2020 Operating Budget: Proposed Revisions


Due to the cancelation of our 2020 Spring Sessions, we are unable to gather in worship to consider one topic that was held over from Fall Sessions regarding 2020 Budget. Our Minute from Fall Sessions 2019 reads:

In 2018, Financial Services was charged with finding funds to support a full-time Children/Youth/Young Adult Field Secretary. It was not able to meet this challenge. It is now proposing a budget for 2020, which would contain funding for full-time staff support for children, youth, and young adults, starting in July, 2020, for a first reading. It is proposing a full-year budget with funding from January through June of 2020 for a part-time young adult field secretary. 

The committee is first asking for approval of a process in which the budget including a part-year, part-time young adult field secretary is considered today, with the expectation that the budget with the full-time position starting in July will be brought back for consideration at spring sessions. 

...With one Friend standing aside, the meeting approved the process outlined above. It also approved a budget for 2020, which includes a part-time young adult field secretary through June, 2020. It will consider at spring sessions a revised budget which will include a full-time children/youth/young adult field secretary through year end. The hope is that this position would be continued for at least 3 years.

-Minute 2019-11-08.

You can read the full minutes here



There are three changes to expenses. The primary change is extending the position of Interim Young Adult Field Secretary an additional 5 months, from August through December. Two much smaller changes, office rent and bookkeeping, are numbers that we did not have in the Fall or they would have been included then. These increases would be covered by a portion of the unexpected surplus from the 2019 budget. Please read the Financial Services Committee Report and the Proposal for a Revised 2020 Budget for more detail.


Next Step

Since NYYM is not meeting in person for Spring Sessions, the budget revision will be considered by the people in the positions specified in NYYM’s Financial Guidelines when unity on a budget is not reached at Fall Sessions. These are clerk of NYYM (Jeffrey Aaron), clerk of General Services Coordinating Committee (Bridget Bower), clerk of Trustees (Roseann Press),  and NYYM treasurer (Laura Cisar.) They plan to meet in conjunction with the clerk of Financial Services (Mary Harpster) and the General Secretary (Steve Mohlke.) It is important that these people be aware of any concerns about the proposal for a revised budget prior to their meeting on April 7. Please use our Google Form to submit feedback for them to consider before they consider the budget.