A Celebration of Freedom

by Renee Fogarty
Amawalk Meeting


Quakers are reluctant to publish news of their good works in the world. However, a recent event occurred that some might find newsworthy. 


On August 13, 2023, former members of the Sing-Sing Worship Group boarded a boat to view the prison from the water. Called a Celebration of Freedom, the boat ride brought together seven men who had attended meeting together. Over many years they had formed a unique bond that continues to this day. 


The last man of the group was released after 30 years just one month ago; the group was waiting for his release before holding the reunion.


One attendee, Reginald Singleton, called it a transformative experience. "This is a very emotional feeling for me now. Looking out on the water was always from the other perspective... I remember those days and the guys that used to hang out, and we’d talk about this all the time."


He plans to send friends still inside photos of his day on the river so "they can live vicariously through me until they come home."


Volunteers Matt Scanlon (Scarsdale), Renee Fogarty (Amawalk) and Scott Blumenthal (Morningside) joined the men on the boat trip.