Digital Communications Director

Chad Giletta manages NYYM's website and digital communications

Contact Chad Giletta, NYYM Digital Communications Director:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (212) 673 - 5750


Your Meeting's Website—help with:

  • Create a website. If your meeting doesn’t have a website, the Digital Communications Director (DCD) can help guide your monthly meeting through the ideation process.
  • Host your content. The yearly meeting can host your web content (for free) on your monthly meeting's information page on our website. Although functionality is limited, many monthly meetings will find that this addresses all of their needs without the need for a website committee or dedicated administrator. The DCD can help you determine what options works best for your meeting.
  • Improve your website. The DCD can make suggestions as to how to improve your site and help you decide on the best way to make the changes.
  • Retaining your web accounts. Do you know where your domain name and hosting service accounts are? The DCD can help to prevent your meeting from losing these important accounts. Ask for a checklist for your digital account information.—help with:

  • Help registering with We have to manually activate your account with our website because of the large number of spam registrations. We’ll do it right away.
  • Help finding what you’re looking for on (You might try the Search engine in the upper right hand corner of each web page first, though; treat it like a Google search to search our website.)

Your NYYM Committee's work—help with:

  • Help with collaboration tools. NYYM has digital tools to help facilitate collaboration among your committee members. Ask the DCD how you can more easily and efficiently work together using digital technology.
  • Help with record keeping. NYYM can store your minutes, reports, and documents online for easier accessibility and long term archiving.