Epistle, Young Adult Friends, Summer Sessions 2011

Circle of Young Friends Epistle Summer Sessions 2011


Dear Friends,

This week the surrounding nature has enchanted us beyond our wildest expectations. We made wishes for a brighter future upon shooting stars. Silver Bay and the majesty of the Adirondacks emphasized the importance of this Summer Sessions theme, “Peace with Earth.” Many of us find it to be particularly pertinent to our lives and our passions. We reveled in the opportunity to explore, with the wider Yearly Meeting, the topic of earthcare and its relationship with our faith. Many participated in earthcare interest groups, worship-sharing groups, and the panel held during Thursday’s meeting for worship with a concern for business. We are thankful for these opportunities.

CYF sponsored many young adult and community events during the week. This programming included a multigenerational game night, original play, and a discussion on “Transitions.” This topic was overwhelmingly relevant to many members of our community. The depth of the discussion revealed how interested our Yearly Meeting is in building fellowship and how eager we are to share the struggles and joys of our transitions. Many participants expressed plans to continue conversations and personal discernment later in the week.

Many in our group felt led to follow NYYM business more closely and endeavor to make more connections outside of our core groups of F/friends. We did this by participating in meeting for worship with attention to business, interest groups, and Meeting for Discernment; joining Yearly Meeting committees; and volunteering with JYM. Many of us became engaged in our worship-sharing groups as leaders and participants. Branching out from our small group and making deeper connections with this Yearly Meeting has brought us JOY!

Additionally, our group is exceedingly satisfied by the position of young adult field secretary filled by Gabi Savory Bailey. This position was greatly needed for our community, made obvious by previous Yearly Meeting sessions. Friends felt well represented and moved by what Gabi shared in her report. She spoke of the hunger we all feel for community and finding one another’s gifts of the spirit. Moreover, we look forward to the rest of our work with her.

Finally, we would like to inform Friends about the cosponsored CYF retreat at Powell House, the 19th–21st of August. During this installment of the Feed the Fire Series, “we will explore together how we can invite others to know more deeply that which awakens us, helping us to truly come alive.” This conference is not just for the CYF community but also for anyone who feels drawn to such queries. We encourage everyone here to look into it and join us on our quest for our inner fire.

In Friendship,
Circle of Young Friends, NYYM

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