A First Timer at 2019 Summer Sessions

by Bryan Wigfall 
Morningside Meeting


Melanie Claire and Jeffrey did an amazing job with conducting the orientation for friends attending Summer Sessions for the first time. The orientation was welcoming and well detailed. They explained the program for the week. It was very helpful that a slide show presentation was incorporated into the orientation because it helped to ensure that we would be able to remember where all the buildings are at Silver Bay. They also gave an opportunity for the Whisper Buddies coordinators to speak about the important work they do to include Friends in the business meetings who have not attending business meetings for Friends before. Likewise, they gave the Junior Yearly Meeting coordinators a chance to introduce themselves.


Marissa Badgley gave an excellent report during business meeting on the work done by the young adult Friends that participated in the Young Adult Spiritual Nurture Series with her. She very effectively conveyed to the entire yearly meeting what our needs are and how we can work with other Friends within the yearly meeting to ensure that our needs will be met. I deeply appreciate Elaine Learnard for agreeing to clerk the threshing session that Friday regarding the issue of employing a young adult field secretary. The threshing session was the first step in the right direction for addressing this issue.


Ron Peterson and Kathy Slattery did a great job coordinating the healing services in Sproul Pavilion. The Healing Center felt like home. The music played in there was very soothing. The healers were very knowledgeable about a broad variety of ways people can naturally address some sicknesses. The healers were very open to sharing information and putting Friends in contact with other healers in their network.

It was wonderful to learn from other Friends about the history of the Mohawk nation’s connection to Silver Bay. Also, there are still Mohawks that live in that area, and they are willing to educate other people about their culture. Throughout my time there I grew to appreciate more that we were in a place that is immensely rich in history. The rich history adds to the beauty of Silver Bay YMCA.


The worship sharing groups were fantastic. They served as great outlets for Friends to help each other grow personally and as leaders. They were transformative.