Friends Participate in Vigils for Peace


NYYM Friend Annalea Blackburn was pictured in an August 8, 2023, Livingston County News article, “A call for peace: Observance hopes to ultimately end nuclear weapons.” On August 6, Annalea gathered with the Genesee Valley Citizens for Peace in Avon’s Circle Park for an annual vigil to remember the victims of the bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The participants were also calling for an end to wars and nuclear weapons.


A quote from the article: 

“It’s a message our community needs to hear: that there are people who support peace and are working to abolish nuclear weapons,” said Suzanne Blackburn of Nunda, a member of GVCP who attended with her daughter Analea Blackburn. “It’s important that we come together to let our views be heard, and practice our right to gather and express ourselves.”


The full article can be viewed at; search for “end nuclear weapons” and choose the 2023 article by Ben Beagle. 




Fifteenth Street Meeting Friend Brenda Kuciemba, June Tano of Morningside Meeting, and Margery Cornwell and Julie Finch of Fifteenth Street participated in the Peace Gathering to Commemorate the 78th Anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki held at the Japanese Consulate in New York City on Tuesday, August 8.