Friends Reflect on Summer Sessions

Adapted from an article for Poughkeepsie Meeting's website by Amy Solis & Renelda Walker, Poughkeepsie Meeting


Sheila O'Hara, Brooklyn Meeting, comes to NYYM's Summer Sessions to work in the Healing Center. Her first Summer Sessions was in 1991 when her son was five and they attended consistently until he was 12. She came back to Sessions ten years later and attends most years.


Shelia had this to say about her experience, “The Healing Center has powerful energy and I hope to transmit that energy to the person I am assisting.” Shiela enjoys seeing people she knows but hasn’t seen in a while, and she likes getting updates on Quaker activities across the region.


Hugo Lane, Flushing Meeting, said, “I attend Summer Sessions because I am involved in several committees and I like getting out of New York City. 2014 was my first time at Summer Sessions and I have attended a few since that year. As clerk of the Conflict Transformation Committee, my biggest service includes helping with our workshops. I’d like to let our meetings know that we can help them to find a way forward, to look for and create opportunities to strengthen and transform relationships.”


Linnea Keiser-Clark lives in MA and has been coming to NYYM for a few years. Her grandmother Peg, an active member of Poughkeepsie Friends Meeting, is grateful her family could join her locally this year. Linnea enjoys helping out with the children at NYYM and her remarkable face painting skills put smiles on many faces!