Gold and Indigo

by Cai Quirk


golden strands woven in indigo darkness
the smooth cool night a warm embrace
balancing lustrous gleaming filaments


metal and silk settle against my skin
tonight I am the world, the sky and stars,
flowers and fish, sun and twilight


stars sparking a nighttime glow
meteors darting like needles through
the supple blanket encircling earth


gold and indigo walk hand in hand
through beds of citrine and amethyst
through oceans laced with glittering fish


as the sky turns towards twilight
asters and goldenrod twine together
glowing in the fading sun


like roiling clouds with rippling lightning
I am indigo with touches of gold
dancing in my depths


Cai Quirk (they/them) is the current artist-in-residence at Pendle Hill where they are creating a series called 'Beyond Pink & Blue' which uses poetry and photography to explore aspects of gender through metaphors of color. They will give two talks online in early June at the end of their four months at Pendle Hill. To see details, register for upcoming events, and sign up for Cai's listserv to hear about future art, visit