New York Yearly Meeting Committee Structure

for July 2018-July 2019


Each coordinating committee is made up of representatives from its constituent committees as well as some “at large” members (those serving only on the coordinating committee.) Coordinating committees serve to coordinate and season the work and functions of their member committees, all of which share a related mission.


Ministry Coordinating Committee

Includes a representative from each regional meeting

  • Alternative Pathways to Membership Working Group
  • Committe on Conflict Transformation
  • Committee to Revise Faith and Practice
  • Epistle Committee
  • Ministry and Pastoral Care
  • Outreach Working Group
  • Powell House Committee
  • Spiritual Nurture Working Group
  • State of the Society
  • Committee on Sufferings
  • Youth Committee
  • Task Group on Racism
  • Worship at YM Sessions


General Services Coordinating Committee

Includes NYYM staff* and officers**

  • Committee on Aging Concerns
  • Audit Committee
  • Communications Committee
  • Development Committee
  • Financial Services Committee
  • Committee on the Expenditure of the Mosher Fund
  • Nominating Committee
  • Personnel Committee
  • Records Committee
  • Sessions Committee
  • Supervisory Committee for the General Secretary
  • Trustees of Lindley Murray Fund
  • NYYM Board of Trustees


Witness Coordinating Committee

Includes groups to which NYYM belongs and sends a representative

  • Alternatives to Violence Project
  • American Friends Service
  • Barrington Dunbar Fund for Black Development
  • Committee for Black Concerns
  • Bolivian Quaker Education Fund
  • Conscientious Objection to Paying for War Working Group
  • Earthcare Working Group
  • European American Quakers Working to End Racism Working Group
  • Friends Committee on National Legislation
  • Friends Peace Teams
  • Indian Affairs Committee
  • National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund
  • National Religious Campaign Against Torture
  • New Jersey Council of Churches
  • New York State Council of Churches
  • Peace Concerns Working Group
  • Prisons Committee
  • Quaker Earthcare Witness
  • William Penn House
  • Committee on World Ministries


Committees Outside the Coordinating Committee Structure

Committees with a mission that spans more than one coordinating committee

  • Liaison (consists of NYYM clerk, assistant clerk, coordinating committee clerks, and general secretary)
    • Representatives to affiliate groups (FGC, FUM, and FWCC)
    • Oakwood Friends School Board
  • Meetings for Discernment
  • Priorities Support Working Group



* NYYM STAFF includes: Administrative Associate, Aging Resources Consultation and Help (ARCH) Coordinator, Associate Secretary, Communications Director, Digital Communications Director, and General Secretary.

** OFFICERS of New York Yearly Meeting: Clerk, Assistant Clerk, Recording Clerks, Reading Clerks, and Treasurer.



To find out more about any of these committees, read their annual reports in the Yearbook (available at monthly meetings or online at, or visit