NYYM Minute on Refraining from War with Iran

approved April 14, 2007

Friends in New York Yearly Meeting hear anew the call to pray and work for a peaceful resolution of the conflicts in the Middle East. Fears that war with Iran may be imminent are fanned by news that the United States has dispatched additional troops and war ships to the region and is making claims of Iranian involvement in the fighting in Iraq. Time may be very limited to awaken neighbors and members of Congress if we are to prevent a tragic escalation of the present war.

NYYM’s Faith and Practice reminds us that “all outward wars and strife and fightings with outward weapons are contrary to our Christian testimony.” It goes on to urge us “to maintain our testimony against war by endeavoring to exert an influence in favor of peaceful principles and the settlement of all differences by peaceful methods.” It counsels us to “lend support to all that strengthens international friendship and understanding and give active help to movements that substitute cooperation and justice for force and intimidation.”

In faithfulness to our testimony of peace, Friends call on the United States government to use diplomatic means in concert with the United Nations to resolve issues with the government of Iran, to disavow the use of military force in settling these issues, and to seek a positive, cooperative relationship with Iran in good faith. We call on the US Congress to reassert its constitutional responsibilities and to take action to prevent aggression against Iran.

We urge all Friends to share this call within and beyond New York Yearly Meeting and to work for a peaceful resolution of the issues involving Iran. In these efforts, Friends should seek cooperative or collaborative relationships with Friends organizations, such as the Friends Committee on National Legislation, the American Friends Service Committee and Quaker United Nations Office, and with other faith groups.