One Year of COVID

by Anna Root
Saratoga Meeting


A big complaint about the world today is how technology such as computers and smartphones have overtaken and replaced the dependable newsprint and relied-upon writing skills of old.


But the upside during the past year of social isolation is learning that technology can really minister to us. Instead of putting ourselves at risk by travelling, we can dial into events that normally we would not be able to attend. We can even socialize via Zoom. And because we can learn and communicate through live video we no longer need to read or search out news on our own. All we need to communicate now are our eyes, ears, thumbs (or fingers), and voice. The technology of spell-check makes even dictionaries unnecessary.


Instead of spending our hard-earned money on a vacation to gather with Friends, we can donate our money as a means to reach out and help people.


Online, I have attended weekly meeting for worship, Friends General Conference’s Annual Gathering, NYYM’s Summer and Fall Sessions, and Friends Committee on National Legislation’s Annual Meeting, all of which I would not have gone to in person due to family or conflicting events. And all by phone without a computer.


Change can be good and can nurture us spiritually!