Outreach Working Group

The Outreach Working Group is a two-year initiative undertaken in 2016 to encourage making outreach a thoughtful, joyful, ongoing practice in every Quaker meeting, ultimately raising the visibility and awareness of Quakers and the message we bring to the world.


While its interest and concern encompass all aspects of outreach in the Yearly Meeting, the OWG’s primary focus is on nurturing outreach at the local meeting level through meetings’ participation in the Outreach Practitioners’ Circle (OPC). Explore the Outreach Working Group's Report to Spring Sessions 2017 to learn about our fruitful first year of work together. To help your meeting discern its readiness to undertake outreach, we invite you to explore Framing Your Own "Quaker Kernel".


To learn more and to access helpful outreach materials, please explore the additional links below and/or contact OWG co-conveners at [email protected]


For specific suggestions on outreach to families, check out the Monthly Meeting Partners Project