Planned Giving to NYYM

While covenant donations from monthly meetings provide most of New York Yearly Meeting’s budget, donations from individuals allow us to strengthen and grow our Quaker community according to our Leadings and Priorities. Individual donations, especially recurring ones, help maximize our finite staff resources and the many volunteer hours donated by your fellow Quakers across the yearly meeting. All gifts help bring us together in spirit-based work, minister to one another, and support our Quaker witness in the wider world. Your generosity benefits all of us.



 You can transfer securities to the yearly meeting and receive the market value of the securities as the value of the gift. Friends who wish to support the yearly meeting with gifts of securities should call or write the Trustees Financial Clerk, listed in Friends Under Appointment.


Distributions from Retirement Accounts

You can make a qualified charitable distribution (QCD) from your tax-advantaged retirement account. The contribution can count as part of the required minimum distribution (RMD) of the account. While the RMD age is currently 73, the minimum age to begin taking QCDs remains 70½. The amount of the QCD is not counted as part of your taxable income.


Named Beneficiary

We also encourage Friends to consider including the yearly meeting in your will. Bequests provide long-lasting support for the general operations of the yearly meeting and for the vital work of many of its committees. They also help keep the donor’s spirit alive, serving as a legacy for that person. We suggest using the following sentence for this kind of giving:

I give and bequeath the sum of $___ to New York Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends, having its principal office at 15 Rutherford Place, New York, NY 10003.

Find the list of the current trust funds created from bequests and gifts to the yearly meeting on the Trustees page.


For FURTHER INFORMATION about any of the above ways of donating, contact General Secretary Steve Mohlke or any member of the Development Committee.