Quaker Resources: Conflict Transformation

The Committee on Conflict Transformation

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Quaker Meetings: Crisis or Opportunity?

The Committee on Conflict Transformation's film of their workshop.

Conflict Transformation Film web page

In the fall of 2013, the Conflict Transformation Committee filmed one of its Conflict in Quaker Meetings: Crisis or Opportunity? workshops. The link above takes you to the web page for the project. The first link below takes you to the full-length film of the full workshop and the other links are for the individual sessions that comprise the workshop.

Print Resources on Transforming Conflict

     Click the titles to download pdf files of these resources:

  • When Conflicts Arise: Crisis or Invitation? — an article by Peter Phillilps and the Committee on Conflict Transformation that appeared in the April 2013 issue of Friends Journal that seeks to help meetings "use the conflict to prompt a change and transform the Monthly Meeting into a place better able to acknowledge and deal with conflict in love and integrity, and [deepen and enhance] its own spiritual journey." This is a pdf file is available by generous permission from Friends Journal: ©2013 Friends Publishing Corporation. Reprinted with permission. To subscribe: www.friendsjournal.org." 
  • Conflict Transformation Workshop Agenda — a sample agenda of a workshop that the Committee can bring to your meeting that shows how a typical workshop flows.
  • A Presentation on Conflicts in Meetings — a PowerPoint presentation that accompanies the workshop.

Books and pamphlets available from the FGC bookstore, quakerbooks.org

The Joy of Conflict Resolution: Transforming Victims,Villains and Heroes in the Workplace and at Home, Gary Harper; $19.95.

Quakers in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: The Dilemma of NGO Humanitarian Activism, Nancy Gallagher; $29.95.

Contemporary Conflict Resolution: The Prevention, Management and Transformation of Deadly Conflict, Hugh Miall, Oliver Ramsbotham, Tom Woodhouse; $34.95.

Conflict Transformation Therapy, Juliette Garesche & R W Alley; $4.95.

Quakers in Conflict: The Hicksite Reformation, Larry Ingle; $10.

Natural Conflict Resolution, Fran de Waals & Fillipo Aureli; $5.

Conflict Resolution K-2, Didax; World Teacher's Press; $5.

The Little Book of Conflict Transformation, John Paul Lederbach; $4.95.

Conflict Mediation Across Cultures: Pathways and Patterns, David W. Augsburger; $25.