Quaker Resources: Marriage & Family

Print Resources on Marriage & Family

Print resources available from the FGC Quaker bookstore, quakerbooks.org.

  • NYYM pamphlet on Marrying under the Care of the Meeting
  • A Quaker Marriage, Philadelphia YM; $0.40.
  • Friends and Weddings, Philadelphia YM; $0.40.
  • Committee Relationships, the Committee on Eldership and Oversight, Britain Yearly Meeting; $11.
  • Marriage Certificate Partially Pre-printed, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting; 17" x 28"; $20.
  • Marrying in Pittsburgh Friends Meeting: A Guide for Individuals, Couples, and the Meeting, Pittsburgh Monthly Meeting; $2.50.
  • Quaker Marriage, Edward Milligan; $8.50.
  • A Very Good Marriage, Tom Mullen; $17.
  • Marriage: A Spiritual Leading for Lesbian, Gay and Straight Couples, Leslie Hill; Pendle Hill Pamphlet #308; $6.50.
  • Marriage and Commitment, Southeastern YM; $4.
  • Living With Oneself and Others: Working Papers on Aspects of Family Life, New England Yearly Meeting Ministry & Counsel; $10.
  • Resource Guide to be Used by a Same Sex Couple, Family Relations Committee, PhYM; $3.