Quaker Resources: Peace

Print Resources on Peace

Print resources available from the FGC Quaker bookstore, quakerbooks.org.

See further resources on Nonviolence

  • Sources of the Quaker Peace Testimony, Howard H. Brinton.
  • Peace Begins With You (children’s book), Katharine Scholes & Sierra Club Books, authors; Robert Ingpen, illustrator; $4.00.
  • Peace be with you: A study of the spiritual basis of the Friends peace testimony, Sandra Cronk; $1.00.
  • The Quaker Peace Testimony, 1660–1914, Peter Brock.
  • Practicing Peace: A Devotional Walk Through the Quaker Tradition, Catherine Whitmire; $16.95.
  • The Quaker Peace Testimony: Conscientious objection and alternative means of service, Andrew Kimball
  • Sustaining Peace Witness in the 21st Century: Papers from the 1997 Quaker Peace Roundtable, Chuck Fager, editor; $11.05.
  • The Road to Peace: Writings on Peace and Justice, Henri J.M. Nouwen and John Dear.
  • Friends Peace Witness in A Time of Crisis, Nancy Irving, Vicki Hain Foorman, Margaret Fraser, eds; $18.
  • The Roots and Fruits of a Powerful Peace Testimony: Speaking Truth With Power, Bruce Birchard, FGC; $7.00.
  • Transforming Power for Peace, Lawrence Apsey, James Bristol, Karen Eppler.
  • Peace is the Way: Writings on Nonviolence from the Fellowship of Reconciliation, Walter Wink.
  • Walking in the Way of Peace: Quaker Pacifism in the Seventeenth Century, Meredith Baldwin Weddle; $20.
  • Faithful Deeds: A Rough Guide to the Quaker Peace Testimony, David Gee, Britain YM; $9.
  • Historical Writings of Quakers Against War, Licia Kuenning, ed; $10.
  • Living in Virtue, Declaring Against War: The Spiritual Roots of the Peace Testimony, Steve Smith, Pendle Hill Pamphlet, $6.50.
  • Quakers and the Search for Peace, Sharon Hoover, ed., Friends Journal; $16.00.
  • Answering Terror: Responses to War and Peace after 9/11/01, Sharon Hoover, editor; $24.95.
  • Quaker Peace Testimony in Times of Terrorism, Robert Griswold; $4.00.
  • New Theory, Old Practice: Nonviolence and Quakers, George Lakey; Annual Michener Lecture, Southeastern YM, 2004.
  • Quakers and the Search for Peace, Sharon Hoover ed.; $16.
  • The Friends Peace Testimony, Leonard Kenworthy; Friends United Press Pamphlet Series.
  • Living the Peace Testimony: The Legacy of Howard and Anna Brinton, Anthony Manousos; Pendle Hill Pamphlet #372; $6.50.
  • Into Full Flower: Making Peace Cultures Happen, Elise Boulding & Daisaku Ideda; $12.95.
  • Nonviolent Direct Action As A Spiritual Path, Richard K. Taylor; Pendle Hill Pamphlet #424; $6.50.
  • Making Peace: One Woman’s Journe Around the World, Jan Phillips; $6.50.
  • True Justice: Quaker Peacemakers and Peacemaking, Adam Curle; BrYM. $16.
  • Waging Peace: Discipline and Practice, Pamela Haines; Pendle Hill Pamphlet #420; $6.50.
  • Ending Cycles of Violence 2: Kenyan Quaker Peacemaking Response to 2007 and 2013 Elections, Judy Lumb, David Zarembka, Kathy Ossmann, and Joe Ossmann; $18.
  • The Roots and Fruits of a Powerful Peace Testimony: Speaking Truth with Power, Bruce Birchard; $7.
  • Spirited Living: Waging Conflict, Building Peace, Simon Fisher; 2004 Swarthmore Lecture; $9.
  • Quaker Peace Testimony, Mary Lou Leavitt; PhYM leaflet; $0.40.
  • 118 Days: Christian Peacemaker Teams Held Hostage in Iraq, Tricia Gates Brown, ed.; $18.
  • Biblical Pacifism, Dale Brown; $16.95.
  • Blessed are the Pacifists: The Beatitudes and Just War Theory, Thomas Trzyna; $11.95.
  • A Declaration of Conscience About Paying for War: With a Guidance for Writing a Statement of Conscience, Conscience Studio; $10.
  • Handbook of Nonviolence: Including Alduous Huxley’s An Encyclopedia of Pacifism, Robert Seeley and the Fellowship of Reconciliation; $8.95.

For Children

  • The Peaceable Kingdom: Lessons for All Ages in Exploring the Friends Peace Testimony, the children & young people of PhYM. $11.
  • Practicing Peace Curriculum: Teaching Young Children the Quaker Peace Testimony, Jean McCandless; $10 (pdf), $25.