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Resources on Quaker History

Print resources available from the FGC Quaker bookstore, quakerbooks.org.

Note: This category is too large to include everything. We have listed some basic resources below. See also the sections on Quaker history at quakerbooks.org, using the following links:

Here is a list of good general histories of Quakerism and other essential reading in the field:

  • Portrait in Grey: A Short History of the Quakers, John Punshon; $25.
  • Friends for 350 Years, Howard Brinton, historical update by Margaret Hope Bacon; $16.
  • The People Called Quakers, Elton Trueblood; $17.
  • The Beginnings of Quakerism, William Braithewaite.
  • The Second Period of Quakerism, William Braithwaite; $28.
  • The Later Periods of Quakerism, Rufus Jones.
  • Albion’s Seed: Four British Folkways in America, David Hackett Fischer; $34.95.
  • Meeting House and Counting House: The Quaker Merchants of Colonial Philadelphia 1682-1763, Frederick Tolles; $24.
  • The Quakers in America, Thomas Hamm; $29.
  • The Transformation of American Quakerism: Orthodox Friends, 1800–1907, Thomas Hamm.
  • Quakers In Conflict: The Hicksite Reformation, Larry Ingle; $10.
  • Quaker Crosscurrents: Three Hundred Years of Friends in the New York Yearly Meetings, Hugh Barbour, et al, eds.