Quaker Resources: Quakerism

Resources on Quakerism

Print resources available from the FGC Quaker bookstore, quakerbooks.org.

General Introductions to Quakerism

  • Celebrating the Quaker Way, Ben Pink Dandelion; $6.50.
  • Portrait in Grey: A Short History of the Quakers, John Punshon.
  • A Sustainable Life: Quaker Faith and Practice in the Renewal of Creation, Douglas Gwyn.
  • Open for transformation: Being Quaker, Ben Pink Dandelion; 2014 Swarthmore Lecture.
  • Guide to Quaker Practice, Howard Brinton; Pendle Hill Pamphlet #20; $6.50.
  • An Introduction to Quakerism, Ben Pink Dandelion; $32.
  • Letters to a Fellow Seeker, Steve Chase; mobi-version for Kindles; $11.
  • Letter to a Universalist, John Punshon.
  • A Light That Is Shining: An Introduction to the Quakers, Harvey Gillman; $11.
  • The Quaker Way, the RE Committee of FGC; illustrated by Signe Wilkinson; $8.95.
  • The Quakers—A Very Short Introduction, Ben Pink Dandelion; $11.95.
  • Quakers By Peter Furtado, Peter Furtado; $12.95.
  • Silence and Witness: The Quaker Tradition, Michael Birkel; $18.
  • What Is Quakerism? A Primer, George T. Peck; Pendle Hill Pamphlet; $6.50.
  • Yours In Friendship: An Open Letter to Inquirers, Richard Allen; edited by Alison Leonard; $10.
  • Friends for 350 Years, Howard Brinton, historical update by Margaret Hope Bacon; $16.
  • One Explorer’s Glossary of Quaker Terms, Warren Smith; edited by Mae Smith-Bixby; revised by Deborah Haines; $10.

Tracts for Inquirers

  • Introducing Quakers, Gordon Browne

Quaker Quest cards ($0.25)

  • Quaker Testimonies
  • Quakers and Prayer
  • You Are Welcome Here

Quaker Press pamphlets ($0.40)

  • Friends and Children, Southern Appalachian YM
  • Friends and God, Mary Blackmar
  • Friends and Service, Dorothy Hutchinson
  • Friends and Social Change, Kenneth Boulding
  • Friends and the Seeker, Irwin Abrams
  • Friends and Weddings, PhYM
  • Friends and Womankind, Mary Calderone

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting pamphlets ($0.40)

  • A Quaker Meeting for Worship, Douglas Steere
  • An Interpretation of Quakerism, Rufus Jones
  • Quaker Ideals, PhYM
  • Quaker Peace Testimony, Mary Lou Leavitt
  • When Friends Attend to Business, Thomas Brown
  • A Quaker Path: A Spiritual Journey from Visitor to Attender to Member, Membership Brochure Working Group, Western Quarterly Meeting, PhYM; $0.40.
  • The Quakers, Or Our Neighbors the Friends, William Whalen; $0.85.
  • Silence and Speech: For Anyone New to Quaker Worship, Richard Allen; $0.40.

Tract Asssociation

  • Early Prophetic Openings of George Fox, George Fox; $1.50.
  • Prayer, Virginia Schurman; $0.30.
  • The Gathered Meeting, Thomas Kelly; $0.40.
  • On the Vocal Ministry, Ruth Pitman; $0.15.

Becoming A Member

  • Moving into Membership, Committee on Eldership and Oversight, BrYM; $12.50.
  • A Quaker Path: A Spiritual Journey from Visitor to Attender to Member, Membership Brochure Working Group, Western Quarterly Meeting, PhYM.

Christian History Magazine—entire issue dedicated to Quakers