Quaker Resources: Volunteering

Opportunities for Volunteering in New York Yearly Meeting

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Quaker Resources on Volunteering

Print resources available from the FGC Quaker bookstore, quakerbooks.org.

Service Organizations

  • Youth Service Opportunities Project (YSOP)—YSOP helps young people become part of the solution to societal problems by showing them how even their smallest actions can make a difference in the lives of others. While YSOP was created for young people, we welcome people of all ages to YSOP.


  • Volunteer Work Camps: A Psychological Evaluation, by Henrcy Reicken; $12 used. A study of the domestic Work Camp program of AFSC and the author’s evaluation of such social action programs.
  • Checkpoints and Changes: Eyewitness Accounts from an Observer in Israel-Palestine, by Katherine Maycock, Britain YM, $10. The author was a volunteer international observer based in Bethlehem for Quaker Peace and Social Witness from 2002 to 2004.
  • Gentlemen Volunteers: The Story of the American Ambulance Drivers in the First World War, by Arlen Hansen, $5.50. The story of the men and women who formed the first ambulance corps, who included Ernest Hemingqay, e. e. cummings, Malcolm Cowley, and Walt Disney.
  • Rebecca Janney Timbres Clark: Turned in the Hand of God, by Lyndon Back, Pendle Hill Pamphlet #393, $6.50. The story of Rebecca’s year as a volunteer for the AFSC in Poland at the end of WWI.