Report: Powell House, Spring Sessions 2017

Report to NYYM Spring Sessions

Regina Baird Haag and Dennis Haag, Co-Executive Directors

Elsie K. Powell House, Inc.


April 1-2, 2017


In the final days of winter, we received 30 inches of snow from the Nor’easter that visited Powell House. Thus, evidence of Spring around here has been somewhat delayed, and it’s only this week that we can see the ground; the muddy wet ground. We are definitely looking forward to sun, warmth, and new growth!

As we continue to transition into the Executive Director position; acclimating to our new surroundings and still daily learning quite a bit, we’ve focused on 4 primary priorities for our work:

  1. Customer Service is #1! We want our clientele and constituency to know that we aim to be sure to do everything we can to provide what is wanted or needed during their time at Powell House.
  2. Keeping the Quality of our Amenities as High as Possible. We constantly endeavor to repair, replace, or maintain our facility in the best condition that we can provide.
  3. Enable and Support the Strategic Planning Process. The Powell House Committee has undertaken this process to ensure that Powell House (program and facility) is as ready as possible to be an integral part of the future of Friends in NYYM and beyond.
  4. Communicate, collaborate, and share the information that enables a positive, supportive, productive working environment for the Powell House staff. 

We want to be as available as possible to talk with folks about any--or all-- of these things! Feel free to visit, call, or email us so that conversations might happen.


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