Resources in Economic Justice

Print Resources

Print resources available from the FGC Quaker bookstore,

  • Right Relationship: Building a Whole Earth Economy, Peter G. Brown and Geoffrey Garver, with Keith Helmuth, Robert Howell, and Steve Szeghi; Quaker Institute for the Future; $16.95.
  • John Bellers, 1654 to 1725, George Clarke, ed.
  • The Covenant Crucified: Quakers and the Rise of Capitalism, Doug Gwyn.
  • Testimony: John Woolman on Today’s Global Economy, David Morse; Pendle Hill Pamphlet #356; $6.50.
  • Quaker Testimonies and Economic Alternatives, Severyn T. Bruyn; Pendle Hill Pamphlet; $6.50.
  • We Need a Ladder: Avoiding Depression While Downsizing, Ed Dreby; Quaker Eco-Bulletin, July-August 2008.
  • An Economics for Spaceship Earth, Peter G. Brown; Quaker Eco-Bulletin, Marh-April 2004.
  • Economic Valuation of Ecosystem Services, Judy Lumb; Quaker Eco-Bulletin, November-December 2002.
  • The Quaker Peace Testimony, Economics, and the Common Good, Keith Helmuth; Friends Journal, December 2008.
  • The Global Transformation of Corporations, Financial Institutions, and Government: A Quaker Approach, Laura Holliday; plenary presentation, FGC Gathering, July 26, 2006; Quaker Institute for the Future.
  • Commerce, Community, and the Regulations of Universal Love: The Contemporary Relevance of John Woolman’s essay “A Plea for the Poor”, Dan Seeger; Woolman Lecture, John Woolman Memorial Association, October 15, 2005; Quaker Institute for the Future.
  • Behind the Budget: Are We Stuck With this High Risk Monetary System?, Keith Helmuth; address to the plenary session of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, July 30 2009; Quaker Institute for the Future.
  • A Spiritual Guide to Sabbath Economics: Making Love with Money, Judith Favor; $20.
  • Wrestling with the Angel: Quaker Engagement in Commercial and Public Affairs, Tony Stoller; $12.
  • The Biblical Vision of Sabbath Economics, Ched Myers; $10.
  • Beyond the Growth Dilemma: Toward an Ecologically Integrated Economy, Ed Dreby & Judy Lamb; Quaker Institute for the Future; $10.
  • The Commonwealth of Life: Economics for a Flourishing Earth, Peter G. Brown (Canadian Quaker); $19.95.
  • Envisioning A Moral Economy, Tom Head; Pendle Hill Pamphlet #405; $6.50.
  • How On Earth Do We Live Now? Natural Capital, Deep Ecology, and the Commons, David Ciscel, Barbara Day, Keith Helmuth, Sandra Lewis, and Judy Lumb; Quaker Institute for the Future; $10.
  • It’s the Economy, Friends: Understanding the Growth Dilemma, Ed Dreby, Keith Helmuth, and Margaret Mansfield, eds.; Quaker Institute for the Future; $10.
  • Chocolate Wars: The 150-year Rivalry between the World’s Greatest Chocolate Makers, Deborah Cadbury; $15.99.

Kenneth Boulding, 20th centuray economist:

  • Peace and the War Industry.
  • Beyond Economics: Essays on Society, Religion, and Ethics.
  • Towards a New Economics: Critical Essays on Ecology, Distribution, and Other Themes.
  • Economy of Love and Fear.

Jack Powellson, 20th centuray economist:

  • Seeking Truth Together.
  • The Moral Economy.
  • Dialog with Friends.
  • Facing Social Revolution: The Personal Journey of a Quaker Economist.
  • Holistic Economics and Social Protest.
  • Other books on international development, especially.



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