Resources in Nonviolence

Quaker Resources on Nonviolence

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  • Nonviolence and Community: Reflections on the Alternatives to Violence Project, Newton Garver & Eric Reitan; Pendle Hill Pamphlet #322; $6.50.
  • Nonviolence and Racial Justice: Talk Given at the FGC Gathering June 1958, Martin Luther King, Jr.; $2 and $0.50 (pamphlet).
  • Nonviolent Direct Action as a Spiritual Path, Richard K. Taylor; Pendle Hill Pamphlet #424; $6.50.
  • Peace Is the Way: Writings on Nonviolence from the Fellowship of Reconciliation, Walter Wink ed.; $20.
  • Ambassadors of Reconciliation, Volumes 1 & 2, Ched Myers and Elaine Enns; $16 & $20.
  • American Nonviolence: The History of an Idea, Ira Chernus; $25.
  • Being in the Middle by Being at the Edge: Quaker Experience, Sue & Steve Williams; $21.
  • Jesus and Nonviolence: A Third Way, Walter Wink; $7.
  • Nonviolence—The History of a Dangerous Idea, Mark Kurlansky; $15.
  • The War of the Lamb: The Ethics of Nonviolence and Peacemaking, John Howard Yoder; $16.50.


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