Reunion at Friends Girls School Sohagapur, India

by Dr. Sanjeev Shukla, Principal


The Friends Girls School Sohagpur in central India was begun by Harriet Mender in 1875, recognized by the Board of State Education in 1930, and expanded to middle, high, and higher secondary school in the year 1958. In those days there were almost no girls’ schools in the surrounding area. Now, due to development, there are many government and commercial private schools open. Parents are now regularly diverting their children from Friends Girls School to other schools. Enrollment of Friends Girls School decreased gradually, declining to 140 students. The survival of the school was in question.


Then the school management launched the Free Education Project for poor and needy girls. Staff members, former students, and local people donate school fees and sponsor poor children. Last year the school’s enrollment increased to 190 students. Many events and activities have taken place to promote the school, including an Annual Day celebration, BioSand water filter workshop, reunion of Friends Alumni, door to door campaigning, and news articles published in leading newspapers. The mission of the school and the vision of charity it represents will continue in the forthcoming academic year.


By God’s grace and efforts, the Friends Girls School in Sohagpur, India, organized a reunion of former students on June 2, 2019.


The reunion program started with worship, followed by the school song, “mitron ki kanyashala ka soubhagy nirala hai” (“The Fortune of the Girls School Founded by the Friends Is Awesome and Bright.”) Then, a welcome and brief remarks from Principal Dr. Sanjeev Shukla. After the welcome, Manager Mrs. Doreen Robert, Chairman of Governing Board of Schools Mr. Devdas Shrisunder, and the principal shared views of the present condition of the school and the Free Education Project for poor and needy girls, which started last year.


An open session started with the speech of friend and alumna, ex-MLA (Member of the Legislative Assembly) Mrs. Savita Diwan Sharma, and continued with speeches from Mayor Mr. Santosh Malviya, former student Miss Rajo Malviya, and many more. They all promised to help and support Friends Girls School Sohagpur. After this session, students shared their experiences of student life.


In total, 81 alumni (55 girls and 26 boys) and 50 other people, including parent representatives and media reporters, participated in the reunion. Among the Friends alums were Mrs. Gaur (an industrial tribunal judge), Mr. Satyam Vyas (a merchant navy engineer), Mr. Pratpal Singh Khanuja (a businessman), and other professionals, including teachers and nurses.


On behalf of the Friends School family, thanks were given by the principal to all for their presence.


With Kind Regards,

Dr. Sanjeev Shukla, Principal

[email protected]