Social Witness

A portal into the various aspects of New York Yearly Meeting's religious witness on social concerns.

Actions We Have Taken

Public stands that New York Yearly Meeting has taken on matters of social concern, known as "minutes of conscience."

Let Your Life Speak

An introduction to:

  • the ways that our faith informs our social activism;
  • our collective stands on certain concerns—the Quaker "testimonies"—to which Friends believe God has consistently led us; and
  • resources on leadings, ministry, witness life, and the testimonies.

Witness committees of New York Yearly Meeting

Quaker social witness concerns

A hub for concerns for which Friends have historical testimonies and for which New York Yearly Meeting has established social witness ministries, and concerns under discernment—issues on which the Yearly Meeting is currently seeking greater clarity.

The Sharing Fund and Witness Activities Fund

How we support our social witness financially.

Social Witness Resources

Links to resources on various aspects of social witness and activism

Other Quaker witness-oriented organizations.

Witness Committees of NYYM