Support College Behind Bars

by Black Concerns Committee


Incarcerated individuals who receive a college education while in prison have improved reentry outcomes.


Higher education is one of the most powerful deterrents to crime and re-incarceration. People who participated in prison education programs while incarcerated had a 43 percent lower chance of returning to prison than those who did not.


Higher education in prison is cost effective. The U.S. Justice Department released findings that show prison education programs save taxpayer dollars and help formerly incarcerated people have a positive impact on their communities.


Higher education in prisons is good for New Yorkers. New York’s program will cost an estimated $5,000 per year per student. NY currently spends $60,000 per year on every incarcerated person.


Higher education in prisons makes sense. Study after study has shown that prison education works: it prevents recidivism and saves taxpayers money.


A documentary series, College Behind Bars, will begin airing on public broadcasting stations on November 25, 2019. Ken Burns is the executive producer. Watch and discuss it with your meeting, family, and friends.