Two poems

by Leo/Cai Quirk
Ithaca Meeting




when the earth is in pain. from so many 

taking. taking. taking. without a backward glance.

what can I give?


the caress of a fern leaf,

water to a parched garden,

joy at the sight of the moon.


food scraps to compost,

compost to earth,

renew, refresh, relive.


notice the dew,

give thanks to the stars,

jewel in the sky bringing jewels to the ground.


go to the garden

just to be with the plants,

in thanks for their gifts yesterday and tomorrow


reciprocity with the land; 

give give give and a little take,

walking lightly on the earth.


what can we give she who has so much?

humans have gifts of gratitude, love, fixing past wrongs,

and so much more if we only imagine.



the freedom bird


the freedom bird flies over the city,

over the meadows, over the forest.


what kind of bird is it? I'm not so sure.

they didn't teach us that in school.

nor that birds have territories, boundaries, limits.


the freedom bird.

only to be seen from far away.

don't get too close.

the illusion might break.


so many depend on this illusion.

so many are harmed by this illusion.


who among us can see?

the freedom bird is not free herself.

who among us can see?

those who control the illusion.


she has no heart, no womb.

ripped out long ago by those in greed.

she can no longer care for those in need.