Young Adult Field Secretary

Young Adult Field Secretary


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 212-673-5750

Ministry—What the Young Adult Field Secretary Can Do for You and Your Meeting

The Young Adult Field Secretary (YAFS) works with the Children and Youth Field Secretary, the General Secretary, and ARCH staff to help bring Friends at all stages of life into one vibrant meeting community. The YAFS works especially with young adults and young adult Friends (YAFs) and with young families to deepen their spiritual lives and to help integrate them into the life of their local meetings and of the yearly meeting. She also works with meetings to help them recognize and nurture the spiritual gifts, lives, and ministries of their young adults.

The YAFS travels throughout the yearly meeting, visiting meetings and meeting with young adult groups, and she publishes an email newsletter, in addition to a lot of one-on-one contact with members of the YAF community.

Download the full job description for the Children and Youth Field Secretary.

Young Adult Field Secretary's focus—Young Adult Friends, Families, and their Meetings

NYYM's Young Adult Field Secretary (YAFS) fosters vibrant multigenerational meetings. The YAFS works especially with young adult Friends, young families, and their meetings to increase the engagement,

The YAFS helps young adults and young families to be fully integrated into the life of their meetings. She will support and collaborate with meetings, helping to deepen the spiritual and community life of the meeting, to create a welcoming environment for younger Friends, and with outreach to local communities.

Contact the Young Adult Field Secretary

If you would like the YAFS to visit your meeting or region, contact you, or otherwise support young adults or young families in your meeting, you can contact her at [email protected].


The Young Adult Field Secretary's work is supported through New York Yearly Meeting's operating fund.

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