Interest Groups

What’s an Interest Group and why would I want to go?


Interest groups are a great way to introduce yourself to a topic or to dive deeper, to learn or to share, to relax or worship or create. They can consist of an interactive activity, a presentation, or a mix of the two. Interest groups might meet just once, or may take more than one time slot. Interest groups can take the form of a spoken presentation, slide show, discussion group, film, worship sharing, art-making, game, or physical activity. The subject and format of an interest group is limited only by the imagination of the facilitator and the willingness of Friends to participate (and a few physical and technical constraints).


Interest groups can be transformative for the participants and the community. They provide a place for like-minded Friends to come together, for differences to be explored, for finding common ground, for deepening knowledge and understanding, for play or drama or comedy, for movement or stillness. Interest Groups can be light and lively or scholarly and academic, intensive or relaxed, intellectual or physical, or any combination.


Want to get involved? How to facilitate an Interest Group


We are now accepting Interest Group proposals for Summer Sessions 2022. If you would like to facilitate an Interest Group, please submit your proposal by filling out this form.