Interest Groups

What’s an Interest Group and why would I want to go?


Interest groups are a great way to introduce yourself to a topic or to dive deeper, to learn or to share, to relax or worship or create. They can consist of an interactive activity, a presentation, or a mix of the two. Interest groups might meet just once or repeatedly over a period of time. Interest groups can take the form of a spoken presentation, slide show, discussion group, film, worship sharing, art-making, game, or physical activity. The subject and format of an interest group is limited only by the imagination of the facilitator and the willingness of Friends to participate (and a few physical and technical constraints).


Interest groups can be transformative for the participants and the community. They provide a place for like-minded Friends to come together, for differences to be explored, for finding common ground, for deepening knowledge and understanding, for play or drama or comedy, for movement or stillness. Interest Groups can be light and lively or scholarly and academic, intensive or relaxed, intellectual or physical, or any combination.



New York Yearly Meeting 2021 Interests Groups Program & Schedule


Read the descriptions below, or click here to view the schedule. Once you have chosen which Interest Groups you wish to attend, please fill out the Interest Group Registration Form.


ADVANCE WORSHIP SHARING IN SUPPORT OF BLACK LIVES (Peter Close): Join us as we gather in 5 one-hour worship-sharing sessions to consider how Black lives matter to us in this ever-challenging world. We will reach into ourselves and bring forth our thoughts, our fears, our beliefs and our actions that will continue to make Black lives matter to us, our meetings and our communities. Five-Session Interest Group. July 19 & 20 & 21 & 22 & 23, 8-9 AM


AFRO-FUTURISM AND AFRO-CENTRIC LOVE (SYB Bowland, Sandie Finn): “Black” and “White”, as terms to describe people, are both artificial constructs. Prior to the seventeenth century, these were not the predominant terms used to describe or define people. Since then they have been used as tools to create and enforce oppression. Using color as a physical representation enabled people to use color as a symbolic representation, from which labeling was created to denote either positive or negative images. Over time color labels became hardened into stereotypes, systemic disrespect, discrimination and criminalization. This Interest Group will be a sanctuary where spirit dwells, spreads and flourishes as we introduce ideas, share stories and explore how to embrace loving intelligence. Two-Session Interest Group. Note that the First Session ( 11:30 am - 12:30 pm) is at a different time than the Second Session (3-4 pm). July 21, 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM & July 22, 3-4 PM


AFSC AS SANCTUARY: FAITH IN ACTION (Amy Gottlieb, Keith Harvey): Join American Friends Service Committee’s Northeast Regional Director Keith Harvey and Associate Regional Director Amy Gottlieb to hear about AFSC’s recently approved strategic plan, program priorities globally and in the Northeast, and updates on local programming. July 6, 10-11:30 AM


ANOTHER FABULOUS IDEA TBD (Yana Landowne, Cai Quirk, Rebekah Rice): Another world is possible ... how do we create it? We will share queries in worship to invite us into imagining what a just and joyous world could be like. The Interest Groups is being presented by an ad hoc group within Witness Coordinating Committee called “Another World is Possible”. July 6, 12-1:30 PM


ARCH INTO HOUSING - WHERE WILL I LIVE WHEN I AM OLDER? (Callie Janoff): Deciding where to live as we get older is a big decision all of us will face. There are many factors to consider, but it is much better to think about these questions when we have the time and capacity to make decisions for ourselves. Throughout the week participants will be offered information and resources to explore on your own schedule. Periodically queries to aid in our discernment will be posed in a moderated online group message forum where participants can respond and read one another’s responses according to your own availability. This Interest Group will take place on Google Classroom, not on Zoom; there will be no live sessions via video conference. Participate as you are able. July 19 & 20 & 21 & 22 & 23


BECOMING AN ANTIRACIST: SOME POSSIBLE APPROACHES (Anne Liske, Mary Pugh Clark): Join us to explore micro-aggressions: what they are, ways to avoid making them and ways to respond when we or others misstep. We will also learn about naming and noticing, additional tools for recognizing how racism is embedded in social and cultural institutions. Open to All. July 17, 1-2:30 PM


BECOMING AN ANTIRACIST: LAB PRACTICE (Anne Liske, Mary Pugh Clark): This interest group will provide hands-on activities designed to enhance skills of noticing, naming and responding to micro-aggression committed by oneself and others. It builds on the “Becoming an Anti-Racist: Some Possible Approaches” Interest Group, but can be taken alone. It is open to all. July 19, 7-8:30 PM


BLENDED/HYBRID WORSHIP (ZOOM AND IN-PERSON TOGETHER) (Carol Clarke, Melissa Travis Dunham, Fred Dettmer): After a year of meeting for worship virtually, some Friends are returning to their meetinghouses. Others wish to continue to gather virtually, and meetings are grappling with how to offer blended worship that responds to the needs and preferences of all. How can we maintain and improve the quality of hybrid worship and use it to build community? The first session of the Interest Group will focus on what does blended worship look like, what can it look like in the future, and what are the benefits and challenges of hybrid meetings. The second session will focus on the technological challenges, opportunities and experiences of providing blended worship. Two-Session Interest Group. July 9 & 16, 7:30-9 PM


CLIMATE SOLUTIONS FOR THE WORLD WE SEEK: PROJECT DRAWDOWN AROUND NYYM (Margaret McCasland, Keith Voos): The Climate Justice Working Group and Earthcare Working Group is offering this Interest Group in order to help Friends discern ways to respond to NYYM’s Earthcare Minute. Keith Voos will introduce Project Drawdown - - a comprehensive program to address the climate crisis by “drawing down” greenhouse gases. Margaret McCasland will frame the Drawdown solutions from a social justice perspective via queries such as “Who decides what counts as a solution?” Subsequent workshops will be held after Summer Sessions, and will highlight ways NYYM Meetings and Friends are addressing the climate crisis in ways consistent with NYYM’s Earthcare Minute. July 9, 3-4:30 PM


COVID AND BOLIVIAN QUAKERS (Jens Braun, Alicia Lucasi): We feel we know COVID, but the experience with the pandemic in other countries may be surprising. Bolivian Friends and particularly the students participating in the Bolivia Quaker Education Fund (BQEF) have experienced challenges and issues about which we northern Friends have not had to think. The session will begin with an introduction and background to both BQEF and Bolivia and then proceed through aspects of the life and responses to COVID as experienced by many rural and urban young people, particularly university students in the BQEF program. Alicia Lucasi, BQEF staff and coordinator of scholarship student support, will share some of her experiences in running the program during the past year. There will be time at the end for questions and answers. July 20, 7- 8:30 PM


DO FRIENDS HAVE A TESTIMONY OF THE ENVIRONMENT? (Peter Close): Do Friends’ investments pollute the Earth? Do Friendly testimonies require us to move our investments into clean energy? If you answer “yes” to both of these questions, please join us in a discussion about the shape a Friendly testimony of green investment might take to counteract the destruction caused by our Yearly Meetings’ investments. Three-Session Interest Group. July 5 & 6 & 7, 2-3 PM


DOING THE NYYM CARBON PRICING MINUTE (James Ralston, Diane Keefe, Laura Cisar): At Spring Sessions, NYYM approved a minute that encourages the enactment of carbon pricing legislation by the federal government in 2021. (Minute 2021-04-20) Economists agree that setting a price on carbon emissions is the best way to foster innovative solutions to stabilize our climate to a habitable state. In this Interest Group, three activist Quakers will engage participants on ways to convince federal legislators to adopt laws that will effectively move our nation to net zero carbon emissions. July 12, 7-8:30 PM


THE DREAM OF DIXIE’S DINER (Liberty Goodwin, Walter Naegle): A discussion of Liberty Goodwin’s story, which was inspired by the true one of Civil Rights Leader Bayard Rustin persuading a restaurant owner to serve him. The “Dixie” fantasy imagines a great transformation of folks to delightful diversity within the Diner & beyond. Comments on Bayard Rustin’s experiences will be offered by Walter Naegle, his life partner. We will also share similar experiences & possibilities. Two-Session Interest Group. July 12 & 19, 3-4:30 PM


ENVISIONING THE FUTURE: HOW WE GATHER (Yana Landowne, Jennifer Swann): Our values have helped us in the past year maintain connection, connect to spirit, and hold our community together. Can we, at this point in the journey, pause where we are right now and dream what’s next on our horizon? How do we use our hearts and vision to brainstorm possibilities of where we want to go? Two-Session Interest Group. July 17 & 18, 7-8:30 PM


EXPLORING ELDERSHIP & SPIRITUAL ACCOMPANIMENT (Lu Harper, Anne Pomeroy): We will explore eldership & spiritual accompaniment with individuals and small or large groups. These forms of accompaniment may be short or long-term. We will consider how both eldership and spiritual accompaniment can encode/reinforce racism or can be a part of our active anti-racist commitment. Come with questions and leadings.  July 18, 2-4 PM


FAITH, WITNESS & THE LAW (Fred Dettmer): Faith and Practice notes that “We can draw no clear line between religious and secular affairs.” How do we respond when faithfulness conflicts with the demands of the law? How have Friends found a balance between God and State in the past? The first session will cover the rules restricting lobbying and electioneering and pose the query: when should a Meeting pursue Justice even if it risks losing its 501(c)(3) tax exemption as a result? The second session will consider conscientious objection through stories of Friends’ witness at work, at school, before the Draft Board. The third session will tell the story of The Trial of William Penn and William Mead, whose civil disobedience confounded their Judges and produced landmark protections for defendants and jurors. Three-Session Interest Group. Lobbying: July 8, 6-7:30 PM; Conscientious Objection: July 15, 6-7:30 PM; Civil Disobedience: July 22, 6-7:30 PM


FINDING CLIMATE SANCTUARY OPTIONS (Paul Klinkman, David Millar): This Interest Group will consider how to lower the amounts of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. We will discuss needs and possible tools for future fossil fuel displacement, photosynthesis-based carbon sequestration, inhibiting local temperature rise, inhibiting the Arctic meltdown. We will also experience an eco-vigil exercise. July 8, 3-4:30 PM


FRIENDS AND LEGACIES: NEWTON GARVER & THE BOLIVIAN QUAKER EDUCATION FUND (John Cooley, Jens Braun, Jane Simkin): Nearly 20 years ago, Newton Garver had a vision to strengthen ties between Bolivian Quakers and Friends in North America and Europe through programs that improve the education of Bolivian Quakers and the capabilities of Quaker schools in Bolivia and neighboring countries. This led to the establishment of the Bolivian Quaker Education Fund. This Interest Group will include a brief biography of Newton Garver, stories of his contact with Bolivian Friends, and reflections on having broad visions and achieving practical actions. July 14, 9-10:30 AM


FRIENDS PEACE TEAMS IS US! A WORLD OF OPPORTUNITIES (Nadine Hoover, Shirley Way, Deb Wood, Liseli Haines, Buffy Curtis): Friends Peace Teams is Quakers from North American and Australia Yearly Meetings who are called to peace and justice ministries or to supporting them. Learn about Friends’ peace and justice work in the Americas, Africa, Central Europe, Asia, and West Pacific, and opportunities to get involved. Share your ministries. July 15, 7-8:30 PM


F.U.N.: FRIENDS IN UNITY WITH NATURE SHARING SACRED SPACE (“WORSHIP SHARING”) (Sheree Cammer, Tom Goodridge): This Interest Group is being offered by NYYM’s Earthcare Working Group. Come as you are! Come as you want to be! We are in formation! Who knows how our molecules will align in rapture! The Green Man and I invite you to join us, outdoors if possible, to breathe, center, balance; stretch and relax, perhaps sway, sing, dance. Earth may give a message, perhaps the next sure step we are asked to take, individually or otherwise. July 19, 6:15- 7 PM


HOW CAN SPIRIT DWELL IN US WHEN THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO DO THINGS WE DISLIKE? (Karen Tibbals, Herb Lape): We are called to answer that of God in everyone, but there are many people who do things we dislike or even hate. Our country is divided. We don't talk to people we disagree with; we yell instead or organize protests. How does that fit with answering that of God in everyone? This Interest Group will explore our experiences in trying to cross the divide; offer a chance to try out some new tools that might be helpful; and discuss how this relates to our experience of that of God in others. Three-Session Interest Group. July 6 & 13 & 20, 3-4:30 PM


IS THERE A QUAKER SONG TRILOGY? (Peter Close): Are there three songs that express the essence of Quakerism to you? Join us as we share the three songs we each choose to bring forward by singing a verse, a chorus, and sharing three sentences about why your three songs most closely capture the essentials of Quakerism. July 12, 2-3 PM


IT’S NOT A RIGHT TO DO WRONG . . . THE STORY OF ONE . . . A TRANS-PERFORMATIONAL CONVERSATION, WORKSHOP AND ENACTMENT (Regina St Clare): We will begin the Interest Group with a Friendship Greeting Song, followed by a read- through of the seven minute “The Story of One” script and a conversation about meaningful plot points in the song. We will define Oneness. We will conclude with a prepared performance, both on Mute and open microphone (and closing sharing). An opportunity to build a multi-cultural, intergenerational follow-up will be available. The script and audio for “The Story of One” song will be provided in advance to make it easy for participants to find story points that help make a deeper experience of oneness possible. Two-Session Interest Group. July 16 & 23, 6:00-7:30 PM


LAND ACKNOWLEDGMENTS AND REPARATIONS (Buffy Curtis, Liseli Haines): We all live on land that was obtained by settlers from the original inhabitants of this land by purchase or theft. Understanding how and why to give acknowledgments to these Original Peoples is essential. We will share examples of Land Acknowledgments and Reparations that are coming into practice among Friends. July 23, 5:30-7 PM



Supreme Court decision, Jones v. Mississippi, reinstated a sentence of life without parole for a man, a model prisoner, who had been convicted as a 15-year-old of murdering his grandfather, who had abused him repeatedly. In this Interest Group, (1) we will consider the demographics and distribution of incarcerated persons who are affected by this decision, with some individual examples; (2) we will examine the science of adolescent brain and emotional development; and (3) we will brainstorm about ways to raise national concern about this decision by reaching out to other Quakers, other faith communities and who else? Two-Session Interest Group. July 14 & 21, 1:30- 3 PM


LISTENING BOOTH: DISCERNING PEACE AND JUSTICE MINISTRIES (Nadine Hoover, Fenna Mandolang, Shirley Way, Deb Wood): Talk to one another about our peace and justice ministries. Listen inwardly to how love and truth are working within us, express emotions about concerns, talk to others to seek clarity, and, if you are clear on something, ask for reflection and/or feedback, and see if it’s true for others also. July 22, 7-8:30 PM


MEET RUBEN HILARI: BOLIVIAN QUAKER, EDUCATOR AND MUSICIAN (Ruben Hilari, Jane Simkin, John Cooley): Many Friends will remember the multi-talented Ruben Hilari from the time he resided at Oakwood School and traveled within NYYM, under the sponsorship of the Bolivian Quaker Education Fund. Ruben will share highlights of his childhood in an Andean village, achievement of a university degree with a BQEF scholaarship and his current work as a Quaker teacher promoting Aymara language and culture in Bolivia. He will also offer a sampling of the music of traditional Bolivian instruments. There will be time for questions about issues of mutual concern to Friends in NYYM and Bolivia. July 9, 6-7:30 PM


MY SPIRITUAL JOURNEY AT WORK (Lee Rada, Nick Dosch, Jennifer Swann): In our lives we spend a great deal of time and energy working - whether this is paid or unpaid - at work or at home; for Quakers or for others. Our work is a great opportunity for spiritual journey! How do I nurture spirit and radical faithfulness during my work day? When did I first become aware of spirit working in my life? How has this awareness impacted my choice of business or profession? July 17, 11 AM - 12:30 PM


THE NUTS & BOLTS OF RUNNING A MONTHLY MEETING (Fred Dettmer): Over 3 sessions we will explore Friends’ administrative, financial and legal responsibilities in serving their meeting. Friends will share their experiences, insights, successes, disasters, missteps and tricks as Clerks and Trustees (Session 1), as Treasurers or Recording Clerks (Session 2), and in handling legal, financial & business requirements and needs (Session 3). Don’t accept an appointment at your Meeting without attending this Interest Group! Three-Session Interest Group. July 7 & 14 & 21, 6-7:30 PM


PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES: DISABLED PEOPLE (Joseph Gronski): The Interest Group will include an interactive presentation by a Friend who has disabilities and resources to share, and sharing by participants of their experiences and questions. Come with an open and fresh mind. July 12, 6-7:30 PM


POWER OF GOODNESS: WHERE GOD DWELLS - FOR CHILDREN (AGES 7-12) WITH FAMILIES, CAREGIVERS AND ALLIES (Nadine Hoover, Ratih Puspito Rini): We will read the story “Boot Under the Bed”, about Elizabeth Fry as she comes home from working in the prison, and will consider where God dwells. Learn how she relied on the power of goodness (God) in a difficult situation, and the amazing results of doing so. FOR CHILDREN (AGES 7-12). July 17, 9-10:30 AM


QUAKER INDIAN BOARDING SCHOOLS (Liseli Haines, Buffy Curtis): This Interest Group is designed to deepen Friends’ discernment of ways to advance Truth and Healing in regards to Indian Boarding Schools. We will watch the video “Quaker Indian Boarding Schools” and then discuss the role of Quakers in the formation, administration and financing of Quaker Indian Boarding Schools in the United States.  July 21, 7-9 PM


QUAKER RESPONSE TO GUN VIOLENCE IN AMERICA (Peter Murchison): Peter has been a gun control activist since the Sandy Hook shootings. Preventing gun violence demands more than changing laws. We need to change hearts. This Interest Group will discuss and share practical steps to make progress in reducing gun violence in the United States. One-Session Interest Group Offered 2 Times - Sign Up For One Session: July 6, 7:30-9 PM OR July 13, 1:30-3 PM


QUAKER SERVICE: VOLUNTEER WORK, VOLUNTOURISM, AND INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL (Spee Braun): Many of us engage in service work outside our home communities. Some of us have had the opportunity to travel to Bolivia or Kenya or some other lower-income country and have volunteered in service projects while there. In this workshop, we will analyze together the complex issues around doing good and doing no harm. We’ll explore together what Teju Cole dubbed the “White-Savior Industrial Complex,” in which many Quakers participate. We’ll talk about and identify our privilege and attitudes. We’ll explore shifting from service and voluntourism to learning, advocacy, and systemic change. Three-Session Interest Group. July 13 & 14 & 15, 7:30-9 PM


THE QUAKER UNITED NATIONS OFFICE (Molly Burger, Hannah Patterson, Drew McKenna): QUNO’s two program assistants will host a conversation on the Quaker United Nations Office in NYC, which provides the Quaker representation at the United Nations. They will share QUNO’s work and Quaker working methods in conversation with participants in the Interest Group. July 9, 10-11 AM


RIGHT SHARING OF WORLD RESOURCES IN A TIME OF PANDEMIC (Mary Eagleson, Jacqueline Stillwell, Sarah Northrop): Through its Sharing Fund, and in partnership with Scarsdale Meeting, NYYM has raised the funds to sponsor a women’s self-help group in India. The group has been formed by the Pudhuyugam Society in the state of Tamil Nadu in the southeast tip of India. The women were already very poor before Covid-19 hit them. Now they are facing malnutrition and possible starvation. We’ll hear the latest information on their situation, and learn more about how we, in partnership with the Pudhuyugam Society, will be helping about 30 women pick up the pieces of their lives and move ahead. We have pictures to show from the training sessions for this group and others. July 10, 10-11 AM


SANCTUARY THROUGH SONG (Cai Quirk): SINGING on ZOOM!!! (Yes it's possible, even with multiple voices!) No singing experience required. Join us in worshipful song and chants, framed by silent worship. Participants can come and go as needed, staying the full time is not required. Two-Session Interest Group.  July 5 & 21, 9-10:30 AM


SEEKING TRUTH IN TODAY’S WORLD (Anne Barschall): There are so many lies being transmitted around online. What should be the response in keeping with spiritual principles? For instance, how does reckless disregard for truth correspond to the commandment not to bear false witness against one’s neighbors? What standards can be proposed for verifying the truth of something before repeating it? We also will explore forming an ongoing group which could create and supervise a web page on this topic and could contact other religious groups to urge them to adopt standards for repeating rumors. July 5, 6-7:30 PM


SPIRITUAL COMPANION GROUPS (Nadine Hoover, Joann Neuroth, Cassie Cammann): Companions mutually commit to experimenting with being shaped and guided by the Living Spirit in their daily lives. In Spiritual Companion Groups, groups of 2-4 companions meet every 1-3 weeks. Participants find the practice of Companion Groups revitalizes their spiritual lives, communities, and witness in the world. They come from many backgrounds: peace and justice movements, Quaker Meetings, and other religious, interfaith, community, or counseling groups. And from many ages: typically teens through adults, but interested pre-teens are welcome. The Interest Group is meant for both Friends who want to learn about the practice, as well as Friends who already are meeting or are planning to meet as a companion group. (If you already have a Spiritual Companion Group, you can participate with or without others from your group.) This Interest Group will refresh active practitioners, strengthen new groups, and orient newcomers. July 16, 7-10 PM


THE SPIRITUAL OPPORTUNITY OF DECLUTTERING (Abigail Burford): We will identify the challenges of abundant material possessions, and learn the skill of letting go with love. The goal of the Interest Group is to equip each participant with non-shaming, easy-to-remember methods for addressing the clutter in their homes. Two-Session Interest Group. July 12 & 14, 6-7 PM


STORY TIME FOR CHILDREN (AGES 3-8) WITH FAMILIES, CAREGIVERS & ALLIES (Nadine Hoover): Picture books come alive with interactive approaches. Play with words and ideas, listen, share thoughts, and wonder. Bring materials for your child to draw a part of the story, as adults review approaches and exchange questions and ideas about reading aloud to children. From the Sparklers and Friends Peace Teams. FOR CHILDREN (AGES 3-8) July 24, 9-10:15 AM


SUPPORT FOR MEMBERS OF MINISTRY AND COUNSEL (AKA OVERSIGHT, PASTORAL CARE) AND PASTORS (Helen B. Mullin, Mary Pagurelias, Emily Provance): This Interest Group will offer extended worship and opportunity to listen to one another. Much has happened in our meetings in the last 14 months during the pandemic. We will provide a safe, confidential space for sharing your wisdom and practices with each other. July 12, 4:30-6 PM


TURNING CONFLICT AND DIFFERENCE INTO OPPORTUNITIES FOR SPIRITUAL GROWTH (Hugo Lane, Herb Lape, Karen Tibbals): Conflict in Meetings and our broader Communities has become an increasing concern. This Interest Group sponsored by NYYM Committee on Conflict Transformation will use worship sharing to reflect on conflict in our spiritual communities and how it can be an opportunity for growth and to foster new inclusiveness. Three- Session Interest Group. July 8 & 15 & 22, 10-11:30 AM


VIRTUAL MEETING HOUSE (Guelmy Neris): This Interest Group will start with a demonstration of an active virtual environment in which you can wander through virtual mountains and clouds, followed by group discussion on how we envision it being used. Is this one way of creating a virtual gathering that could exist alongside our physical Meetings? July 23, 3-4:30 PM


WHY IS IT SO DIFFICULT TO TALK ABOUT PALESTINE? (Julie Saad): Protestant obsession with the Holy Land exploded during the 19th century, laying groundwork for the erasure of Palestinians from their indigenous geography. The Interest Group will discuss Restorationism as a motif of Western literary/economic/military/archaeological penetration of the region and consider these historic influences on today’s Palestine Exception to free speech. July 18, 5:30-7 PM


WRITING MY OBITUARY; SELF-PENNED NOTES FOR A (NEARLY READY TO GO) MEMORIAL MINUTE … FOR THE AMBITIOUS FRIEND (Jan Philips, Charlene Ray): Memorial Minutes are the life stories of Friends that go beyond dates and times. They become part of the permanent records of the Meeting, and they serve to preserve and commemorate a Friend’s life-work. As Friends move, relocate and sojourn, the fabric of our life is often a patchwork that can take many hands to quilt. Pulling the threads together is an art. Whether preparing your own memorial notes or a Memorial Minute for Friends, you will create a treasured keepsake. Friends should be prepared for a guided voyage that will illuminate reminiscences, that can later become the patchwork for your personal Memorial Minute Quilt. This Interest Group will be a hands-on journal exploration for Friends of any age. Friends will be guided through a series of questions to reflect on the preciousness of (their) life. Like a series of polaroid snap-shots, Friends will use this workshop to acknowledge and record personal values, thoughts, philosophies and events that when gathered create personal portraits. Friends should come prepared with paper (or journal) and pen. July 22, 7:30-8:30 PM


ZOOM TECH SUPPORT (Steve Mohlke): Learn or review techniques for supporting Quaker gatherings on Zoom. Subjects will include screen sharing, optimizing audio, using breakout rooms, chat, security, live transcription, polls, real-time communication with others in background roles and other topics that may arise. One-Session Interest Group Offered 3 Times - Sign Up For Any One Session: July 5, 7:30-9 PM OR July 14, 3-4:30 PM OR July 20, 1-2:30 PM.