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Bulls Head-Oswego Friends Meeting

A welcoming, unprogrammed meeting in Dutchess County, NY
1323 Bulls Head Road
Clinton Corners, New York 12514

Call or email us for information,
[email protected]

Mailing Address:
1323 Bulls Head Road
Clinton Corners, NY 12514

Meeting for Worship — Sunday, 10:30 am.

Midweek meetings:

1st, 3rd, & 5th Thursday evenings (Spring-Summer only), contact Mary Foster Cadbury, 845-876-3750;

2nd & 4th Thursday evenings (ongoing), contact:
Bill Leicht - [email protected], 518-789-9134
Solange Muller - [email protected], 845-803-3007

Calendar of Events

Invitation to Worship

Invitation to Worship All are welcome to worship in the manner of Friends (Quakers) in an unprogrammed Meeting at Bulls Head-Oswego Meeting. Our worship begins in silence when the first person enters and sits quietly. We share in a deepening silence. There may be vocal ministry as individuals are moved to speak. We have no single "minister," for all may minister. Everyone present shares the responsibility for worship and can share in its blessing. Believing that the Divine Spirit dwells in every person, Friends hold that their consciousness of the Spirit may be nourished by sharing in group worship. We enter with individual thoughts and concerns but come with no prepared message. We gather in reverent silence, a silence of seeking and expectancy. As each of us enters worship and turns toward God, we may experience spiritual renewal in ourselves and so contribute to it in each other. You may be uncomfortable with distractions outside or your own roving thoughts. Notice these things. Then seek the still center of your being. Out of this stillness may come a feeling, a focused awareness, a short message to be pondered and possibly shared. Such spoken messages may deepen the silence and speak to our own spiritual condition. The outward expression of the Creator - which for many of us was manifest uniquely in Jesus - is love. It is our prayer that the silence and the messages will be helpful to each of us, providing strength and direction for our daily living. Adults and children gather together at 10:30. Children are welcome to worship for the whole hour. Some children may leave after twenty minutes. An adult will accompany them to the other building where activities are provided. The Meeting for Worship continues until approximately 11:30, when a member of the Committee for Ministry and Counsel will close it by shaking hands with someone sitting nearby. Time is allowed for further reflections, introductions and announcements. Upon rising, please feel free to ask questions of anyone about Quakerism in general or Bulls Head-Oswego Meeting in particular. If you wish to contribute to the work of the Meeting, there is a box near the door. Help yourself to pamplhlets. Please join us for refreshments and conversation in the Gathering Room, where you will find additional pamphlets as well as a lending library.