The following queries were prepared during a retreat of pastors from New York and New England Yearly Meetings at Powell House, in 1988, and may be useful to others.

  1. Is time given regularly for restoration of your soul each day? Do you find ways to deepen your spiritual life and keep you on the growing edge of your faith? Does your lifestyle demonstrate a true discipleship of Christ?
  2. As you consider the people of your meeting and their level of spirituality and needs, do you seek God's guidance as you minister to them and keep your inner heart attuned for God's words to be spoken through you, whether in personal conversation or in preaching?
  3. Realizing God's call on your life to minister, are you careful to present the whole Gospel in such a way that others are drawn into a personal relationship with Christ?
  4. Do you recognize spiritual gifts in the people of your meeting and encourage and enable them to use their gifts for the edification of the entire body?
  5. Do you assist in equipping the fellowship of believers to reach beyond the walls of your meeting and into the areas of need and neglect? Are you aware of the community where you minister and of those who have no church?
  6. Are visitors who worship with you warmly received? Do they sense the presence of God in worship? Do they feel informed about Quaker testimonies and our manner of worship?
  7. Are you sensitive to people within your meeting and your community who are hurting, for whatever reason? Do you visit the sick, shut-in and hospitalized cheerfully? Do you share words of comfort and love as you visit with each person? Do you challenge people to a fuller understanding of what discipleship means?
  8. When opportunities come to counsel couples preparing for marriage, do you exercise care in guiding the couple to consider the meaning of marriage, and the foundation upon which a solid marriage must be built?