Purposes & Objectives

The Nurture Coordinating Committee (NCC) functions as an enabling body of the Nurture Section, which is composed of committees within the section, separately incorporated Yearly Meeting institutions, and representatives to certain wider Quaker bodies, all of which are concerned with the advancement of Friends’ principles, with education, and with the provision of nurturing services within the Yearly Meeting. They include:


  • Committee on Aging Concerns
  • Epistle Committee
  • Friends World Committee for Consultation/New York Section
  • Junior Yearly Meeting
  • Young Adult Concerns
  • Young Friends in Residence (YFIR)
  • Youth Committee

Institutions within the Yearly Meeting

  • Oakwood Friends School
  • Powell House Conference & Retreat Center

Affiliated Bodies

  • Friends General Conference
  • Friends United Meeting
  • Friends World Committee for Consultation/Section of the Americas

Functions & Activities

The Coordinating Committee provides advice and guidance to the constituent groups and considers the activities of these groups in relation to each other, assisting in their coordination. It functions as a clearinghouse for nurture concerns, forms task groups for exploring these concerns, and lays the groups down when the tasks are accomplished. It arranges for the reporting of nurture section concerns to Yearly Meeting sessions, coordinates preparation of the section budget, and participates in preparation of the Yearly Meeting budget.

Organization & Method of Appointment

Each group in the section appoints a representative to the coordinating committee. Six to nine members at large are named upon the recommendation of the Yearly Meeting Nominating Committee, at least two each year for three-year terms. From the at large members, NCC appoints a clerk and an assistant clerk, and may appoint a financial clerk. A recording clerk may be appointed from the representatives. The clerk (or another appointee) represents NCC on the Sessions and Liaison Committees, and the Meetings for Discernment Steering Committee.

Meeting Times and Places

NCC meets during Coordinating Weekend, at Summer, Fall and Spring Sessions, and additionally as needed.


The Yearly Meeting Operating Budget provides money for administrative and travel expenses of NCC members, as well as funds for task group activities not otherwise provided for. JYM, YFIR, Oakwood and Powell House handle their own finances. Other vouchers are approved as determined by NCC each year.