Quaker Resources: Meeting for Worship

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Print Resources on Meeting for Worship

Print resources available from the FGC Quaker bookstore, quakerbooks.org.

  • The Gathered Meeting, Thomas Kelly; Tract Association of Friends.
  • Four Doors to Meeting for Worship, William Taber; Pendle Hill Pamphlet #306; $6.50.
  • Prayer and Worship, Douglas Steere; $6.00.
  • A Quaker Meeting for Worship, Douglas Steere; $0.50.
  • Quaker Meeting for Worship, Douglas Steere; PhYM pamphlet.
  • The Amazing Fact of Quaker Worship, George Gorman; Swarthmore Lecture 1973; $17.
  • Invitation to a Deeper Communion, Marcelle Martin; Pendle Hill Pamphlet #366;l $6.50.
  • Journeying to the Heartlands: Exploring Spiritual Practices of Quaker Worship, the Kindlers; edited by Alec Davison and Elizabeth Brown; $10.
  • Silent Worship and Quaker Values, Marsha Holiday; $1.50.
  • Twelve Quakers and Worship, Quaker Quest; $7.
  • The Liturgies of Quakerism, Ben Pink Dandelion; $39.95.
  • Opening Doors to Quaker Worship, FGC Religious Education Committee; available as pdf: $8.
  • Reflections on Quaker Worship, Esther Greenleaf-Murer; Central Phil. Meeting; $5.
  • Shaped by the Light: The Quaker Experience of Worship, Community and Transformation, Michael Wajda & Alison Levie; 2001 Walton Lecture; $4.
  • Practice of Quaker Worship, Larry Miller; $1.50.
  • Touched by God in Quaker Meeting, Kenneth Carroll; Pendle Hill Pamphlet #338; $6.50.
  • Voices from the Silence, Stanford Searl; $21.49.
  • Worship, the Gathered Meeting Revisited, Tom Gates; PhYM; $7.
  • Quality and Depth of Worship and Ministry, Committee on Eldership and Oversight, Britain Yearly Meeting; $7.00.
  • Silence and Speech for those new to meeting for worship, Richard Allen; Quaker Home Service BrYM.
  • The Dynamics of an Unprogrammed Meeting for Worship, Mary R. Hopkins; FGC.
  • The Meeting Experience: Practicing Quakerism in Community, Marty Walton.
  • The Ripening of Quaker Worship, David Bills; 27th Annual Quaker Lecture in Florida, Southeastern YM.
  • Enriching the Worship, John Punshon; Quaker Lecture, Western YM 1993.
  • Dealing with Difficult Behavior in Meeting for Worship: Meeting the Needs of the Many While Responding to the Needs of the Few, Ministry & Worship Committee, FGC; $8.
  • Where Words Come From: An Interpretation of the Ground and Practice of Quaker Worship and Ministry, Douglas V. Steere; Swarthmore Lecture, 1955.

For children

  • We’re Going to Meeting for Worship, Abby Hadley; illus. Diane Edwards-Lavoy; $10.
  • On Bringing Children to Meeting, Worship & Ministry Committee, Santa Cruz Meeting, CA.
  • The Worship Kit: A Young Person’s Guide to Quaker Worship, John Lampen; BrYM; $15.
  • Meeting Tips: Thirteen Short Introductions to Meeting for Worship, Martha Smith; $10.
  • Growing in the Light (Grades 6–8), Barbara Caldwell & Dorothy Reichardt, PhYM. $7.