The budget explanation will not only be used by Witness Coordinating Committee but will also be part of what goes to the Yearly Meeting. Explanations may be brief but should help others under- stand the committee's activities. If there are new items or major changes (either cuts or increases), please explain the basis for these briefly.

If a committee needs help in completing the request and explanation, please contact the clerk of Witness Coordinating Committee. Also Financial Services Committee has some ability to help committees with budgeting.

1. Administrative
1.1 Committee expenses

Examples of what to include:

  • Postage: Estimate number of pieces and cost per piece, based on actual outlays in the past. The explanation should contain this information.
  • Telephone: Based on previous actual, with explanation if there will be any major change.
  • Printing and copying: Estimate number of pieces and cost per piece.
  • Any other outlays such as stationery.

1.2 Clerk's expenses
This would include copying, postage, phone, and other expenses incurred by the committee clerk.

1.3 Yearly Meeting appointees' expenses (other than travel)
Expenses other than travel or donation to the organization. Show travel under 1.4 and donations under 1.5.

1.4 Travel
Explain purposes and basis for estimate. Use most reasonable mode (don't drive when flying is cheaper, for example). (Remember to complete a travel request form before making the trip, and to submit receipts and voucher for reimbursement afterward.)

1.5 Donations
This is for donations from the Operating Budget only and must be approved by the entire Witness Section. Other donations to Friends' groups or other groups are provided by committees through the Sharing Fund and are shown in sections 3 and 4. Currently only William Penn House falls in the category of Friends' groups for this purpose.

2. Program

2.1 Materials
Books and other resources. Explain the purpose.

2.2 Interest group leader expenses
If the committee plans to bring someone to Silver Bay and support their attendance, itemize the cost of doing so.

2.3 Powell House or other programs
Expenses associated with workshops or other programs sponsored by the committee. Aid for people to attend should be handled under 2.4, Scholarship aid.

2.4 Scholarship aid
This is assistance to individuals to attend programs such as Powell House, Pendle Hill, etc. Scholarships to educational institutions should be entered in section 5.

2.5 Aid to individual Friends or to monthly or quarterly meetings
Explain purpose and method for liaison.

2.6 Other
Please describe.

3. Support of Friends' Groups
Indicate whether support is for general operating or for a specified program. For example, under AFSC is the support to a national or international program, NYMRO, etc. Indicate method for liaison. Explain why the committee has chosen to work through another group and how this furthers the directions the committee is taking.

4. Support of Other Groups
Describe in a sentence or two the group or program and what the committee's donation would be used for. Indicate method for liaison. Explain why the committee has chosen to work through another group and how this furthers the directions the committee is taking.

5. Scholarships
List the individuals or schools receiving funds and a phrase or two about the recipients. Explain what process is used for selection and what liaison occurs.

6. Total
This is the sum of all expenditures, whether they are supported by Operating Budget, Sharing Fund, or other sources. This line should match the total line in the Income section.

7. Income

7.1 Trust Funds
A few committees such as Indian Affairs have income from trust funds over and above the funds received from the Sharing Fund and Operating Budget. Anticipated income should be shown.

7.2 Other Sources
Itemize anticipated income from grants, sale of material, memberships (in the case of AVP), payment for activities, and the like. Committees contemplating obtaining a grant should review the Handbook section on funding from outside sources.

8. Operating Budget Request
This is the sum of the items in Section 1 of expenses.

9. Sharing Fund Request
This is the sum of Sections 2-5, minus trust fund or other sources. If it is considerably larger or smaller than previous years, please indicate why.

10. Total
The sum of trust funds, other sources, Operating Budget request, and Sharing Fund request.

11. Balance
Use the balance for the committee shown in the Funds Held for Others report of the Yearly Meeting treasurer. These funds are available to be spent in the current year.