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In 1974, New York Yearly Meeting approved the appointment of Friends from monthly meetings in the state of New Jersey to the New Jersey Council of Churches.

The Council consists of member religious denominations in New Jersey who act together to do what cannot be done separately. It provides a forum for addressing statewide challenges such as ministering to farmworkers, enforcement of state laws on affirmative action, expressing religious viewpoints on proposed legislation, and addressing the moral implications of public issues.

The Council is served by a professional staff working under the direction of a governing board and by three standing commissions. The latter are the Commission on Theology and Interreligious Relations, the Commission on Mission Planning and Strategy, and the Commission on IMPACT and Public Witness. Friends may serve on the governing board and on any or all of the three commissions. The Yearly Meeting is entitled to name two persons to the governing board and to each of the three commissions.

Functions of Representatives

Representatives bring Friends' testimonies and concerns to the work of the council and submit an annual written report to the Yearly Meeting.

Organization & Method of Appointment

New York Yearly Meeting, on recommendation of the Nominating Committee, names one person to the governing board, one to the Commission on IMPACT and Public Witness, and others to fill our allocated quota as interest and availability of concerned members allow. Terms on the board are for two years and on the commissions for three years. One of the Yearly Meeting representatives is a member of the Witness Coordinating Committee.

Meeting Times & Places

The governing board of the Council meets once annually in general assembly to elect officers and review the overall work of the Council and its commissions, and at least two other times during the year. The commissions each schedule a series of meetings and events during the year, relating to their goals.


The Operating Budget provides an annual donation to the Council.