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New York Yearly Meeting has been part of the New York State Council of Churches since 1935. In 1997 this organization changed its structure and was renamed the New York State Community of Churches, Inc. The old Council of Representatives has been laid down and replaced by several new bodies.

The Collegium consists of the bishops and executives (or equivalent persons) of the statewide Protestant denominations or judicatories. Representatives from each denomination plus those from local councils of churches form the Community Stewards, a group that oversees programs. There are two mission groups: Public Policy and Chaplaincy. Within Public Policy there are working groups on campaign-finance reform, criminal justice, racism, and economic justice. There are several other administrative committees.

Functions of Representatives

Representatives bring Friends' testimonies and concerns to the work of the Community and make an annual written report on the Community to the Yearly Meeting.

Organization & Method of Appointment

New York Yearly Meeting appoints the Clerk (or his/her representative) to the Collegium and one person to the Community Stewards. Representatives may also be named to the Public Policy and Chaplaincy mission groups, and to working groups as appropriate. The terms are for two years. The person appointed to the Community Stewards serves as a representative to the Nurture Coordinating Committee, and the person serving on Public Policy reports to the Witness Coordinating Committee.

Meeting Times & Places

Meeting times and places vary for the different groups.


The Operating Budget provides an annual donation to the New York State Community of Churches.k