Right Sharing of World Resources (2013)


A concern for the right sharing of the world's resources was taken up by the Friends World Conference at Guilford College in 1967. This was carried forward by the Friends World Committee for Consultation with a goal of giving "One Percent More" of income after taxes toward international development. The concern was endorsed by New York Yearly Meeting in 1968 and carried forward under the guidance of the Peace and Social Action Program. In 1972, the Yearly Meeting approved a request that an independent committee be established with the name Committee on Sharing the World's Resources. In 2006, this committee was laid down, but one person is appointed to represent the concern to the Yearly Meeting.

For 29 years the Right Sharing of World Resources program was under FWCC. In May of 1999 it became an independent 501c3 corporation. Right Sharing of World Resources, Inc. (RSWR) continues to receive funding from New York Yearly Meeting’s Sharing Fund.

Duties of the point person

  1. The resource person represents Right Sharing of World Resources to New York Yearly Meeting, and may also serve on the board of directors of RSWR, if appointed by that board. If not a member of the board, the resource person serves as a liaison with RSWR.
  2. The resource person is responsible for signing vouchers for transfers of funds from the Sharing Fund to RSWR.
  3. The resource person brings displays and other relevant materials to sessions of NYYM.